Heya! I'm Luzelle, nice to meet you!

I help dog owners who feel stressed about their dog’s reactivity and aggression learn how to help their dogs learn to stop stressing so they can feel calmer and happier and they and their dogs can enjoy life more!

I’ve been training dogs for the last 10 years, but SolutionK9 wasn’t hatched till 2013. And in that time, I’ve helped 100s of dogs + their humans enjoy their lives together!

If you want to read more about my story, check out my blog on this website, I have a heap of stories of dogs who have taught me many lessons – and I share them with you too!

It started when I had my own dog aggressive dog, Kaz. The thing is I realised that it was my fault that she became aggressive towards other dogs. And that armed me with the information I needed to help not just her, but other dogs and stressed out owners too! The lessons Kaz taught me has enabled me to be able to help you too!

Helping dog owners to be able to enjoy their dogs more and even include them in their lives by enjoying their dog’s company on holidays and at cafe’s like that makes me so proud and drives everything I do!

If you’re looking for help with your dog’s behaviour, I’d love to work with you not only have I helped 100s of dogs to become great canine citizens, I’m also an approved assistance dog trainer for Taranaki. But without boring you to death about me, you’ll find more information in my blog!

I’d love to introduce you to The SolutionK9 Army: These are people we’ve found and/or trained so that more dogs can live their most fulfilled life and you can get the support you need:

Introducing The SolutionK9 Army:

I have spent 2020 helping future dog professionals perfect their craft. You see, with Covid not only is puppy prices on the rise, more breeders are breeding dogs for money without correctly assessing dogs. Plus, add to that that breeding is a gamble anyway (I breed dogs, so I know a bit about it).

So, I would like to introduce you to The SolutionK9 Army to further support you with your dog!

Puppy Training

We highly recommend Lani Divers who you’ll find lurking around Animates! Lani has spent 2020 with us learning more about dog behaviour and she’s definitely capable and able to help you with your puppy challenges!

Oh and if you’re looking for dog gear, go find her at Animates too! She’ll be able to help you find the best gear for your pooch or pup!

New Plymouth Dog Walking

Our lives are busy. Often we just need some help. Dog walking is a great way to exercise your dog’s body and mind while teaching them structure!

We highly recommend Jason from Take the Lead Dog Walking. You can contact him through his FB page. He is SolutionK9 approved and has been trained by the AMAZING Chonnie Smith from The K9 Adventure Co. in the Waikato!

I personally would trust Jason to walk my own dog, Raven (and that’s high praise because Raven usually goes nowhere without me).

Help in South Taranaki

Vicky from Gone to The Dogs is a true dog woman! 

And I highly recommend her to help your dogs in South Taranaki!

Vicky has also been breeding and showing Labradors for a number of years with great success (she has some of the nicest Labradors I’ve seen!) 

I’m super excited that she’ll be offering help for dog owners in South Taranaki! 

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