Are You Tired of Having a Dog That is Making Your Life Difficult?

Are you over your dog pulling your arm out of its socket?

Are you frustrated with your dog for barking at everything and anyone and even embarrassed by your dog's behaviour?

Is your dog not coming when you call so you cannot enjoy walking your dog off leash?

Hi, I'm Luzelle

If it has to do with transforming your naughty, embarrassing, frustrating or worrying dog into an obedient, well-behaved pet that your family can enjoy and love to spend time with, I can help!

My goal is to help you enjoy your dog as part of your life, just as I can enjoy my own dogs! Your dog can be obedient! And I can show you how!

(And in case you haven’t guessed it, I’m sure you have – I’m just someone who feels the need to state the obvious – I’m the dog trainer here at SolutionK9 Dog Training Taranaki and the SolutionK9 Education Centre)

Imagine having a dream dog...

A dog that walks happily by your side along the coastal walkway even past other dogs, with a leash so loose that you only feel the weight of the leash in your fingers so that you can actually enjoy your walk, the sun on your face and the wonderful scent of the fresh Taranaki sea air!

A dog that is well behaved, on or off leash. A dog that comes when you call. A dog that greets visitors politely. A dog that you can enjoy!

Yes, even if this is your first dog and you've never trained a dog before!

Yes, even if your dog was abused before you rescued him!​

Yes, even Even if you just about have a panic attack at the thought of your dog being out in public or inviting friends over!​

Are You Experiencing Any of
These Challenges?

Your Dog Won't Come When You Call!

Your Dog Won't Walk nicely on Lead!

Your Dog is Reactive to Dogs or People

Your Dog Won't Leave the Cat Alone!

Your Dog Won't Stop Barking!

Your Dog is Guarding Their Food!

Your Dog is Running Away!

Your Dog is Digging!

Your Dog Won't Listen to You!

Because Life is Just Better with an Obedient Dog!

What Some of Our Clients Say

How Can You Trust That SolutionK9 Can Help You?

Because we've helped many dogs, just like yours, go from being out of control and leaving their owners feeling frustrated, embarrassed, exasperated and even worried...

To becoming FANTASTIC family pets that their owners can now enjoy their lives with! And your dog can too!

And we have many positive reviews from happy dog owners to prove it!

How would your life change for the better if you had an obedient dog?

Contact Luzelle at SolutionK9 for a FREE Phone Consultation, and tell her about the struggles that you are experiencing with your dog!