Are You Tired of Having a Dog That is Making Your Life Difficult?

Are you over your dog pulling your arm out of its socket?

Are you frustrated with your dog for barking at everything and anyone and even embarrassed by your dog's behaviour?

Is your dog not coming when you call so you cannot enjoy walking your dog off leash?

Luzelle & Nym at Westside Grille after a successful day competing in Obedience!

Hi, I'm Luzelle

If it has to do with transforming your naughty, embarrassing, frustrating or worrying dog into an obedient, well-behaved pet that your family can enjoy and love to spend time with, I can help!

My goal is to help you enjoy your dog as part of your life, just as I can enjoy my own dogs! Your dog can be obedient! And I can show you how!

(And in case you haven’t guessed it, I’m sure you have – I’m just someone who feels the need to state the obvious – I’m the dog trainer here at SolutionK9 Dog Training Taranaki and the SolutionK9 Education Centre)

Imagine having a dream dog...

A dog that walks happily by your side along the coastal walkway even past other dogs, with a leash so loose that you only feel the weight of the leash in your fingers so that you can actually enjoy your walk, the sun on your face and the wonderful scent of the fresh Taranaki sea air!

A dog that is well behaved, on or off leash. A dog that comes when you call. A dog that greets visitors politely. A dog that you can enjoy!

Yes, even if this is your first dog and you've never trained a dog before!

Yes, even if your dog was abused before you rescued him!​

Yes, even Even if you just about have a panic attack at the thought of your dog being out in public or inviting friends over!​

Client Stories

When we first met Rachel and Libby, she was at her wit’s end. She had tried to train Libby but didn’t feel like she was getting anywhere! 

Libby was pulling on leash, loved chasing cats, and wasn’t listening to Rachel at all!

Through training with us, Rachel has blossomed! Libby not only transformed into an amazing dog but a helpful dog too and it wasn’t long before Rachel could teach Libby to help her with chores around her home!

Unfortunately Libby suffered some health challenges and crossed the rainbow bridge in 2016. Rachel has been able to use the skills she learned and has started teaching her new dog Ruby to become her assistance dog. We are looking forward to helping this team gain their accreditation so Ruby can accompany Rachel and support her with her disability.

Rosemary had recently rescued a lovely 9 year old Shi-Tzu called Bindi. She was a lovely dog, except out on a walk. When another dog came past, Rosemary felt anxious and frustrated because Bindi was set on barking out of control at every other dogs she met.

It was no fun taking Bindi anywhere! Calling her reactive was an understatement. It looked more like aggression.

But through training with SolutionK9 and helping Bindi in a way that she could understand that other dogs weren’t her enemies, she is now flourishing! She can now enjoy outings, even off leash with other dogs and Rosemary can now really enjoy the pleasure of Bindi’s company out on walks and as her best friend!

Estelle and Dante the Staffie had dreams of competing in the obedience ring. But even after attending classes at the North Taranaki Dog Training Club, Dante still didn’t understand what Estelle wanted. Estelle wasn’t a bad trainer. She was running the puppy class at Waitara Vets, but she just couldn’t communicate with Dante in a way that he could understand!

Dante didn’t enjoy training. And Estelle felt frustrated.

But we helped Estelle learn how to teach Dante obedience skills in a way that made sense to him. We also showed her how to have fun with Dante so that they could evolve into the fabulous team that they have now become!

Estelle has been able to take the skills she learned with us and has now got another Staffie, Nym that she is competing with as well.

Doesn't Rachel and Libby look happy here? Awww X (Photo taken at The Good Home)

Because Life is Just Better with an Obedient Dog!

Annie & Lulu at The Public Catering Company enjoying being together as a team!

Dog Transformations

Lulu had started barking at people and dogs! It was starting to become such a problem that Annie didn’t want to take Lulu out anymore. 

When we first met Lulu, she wouldn’t let us come near her. But we have a way of helping nervous dogs understand that we’re not there to hurt them, and Lulu soon decided to trust us too!  

We then went on to show Lulu’s mum, Annie, how to help Lulu, even when out walking together in an unpredictable environment to understand that she would be OK. 

Lulu came out of her shell and can now enjoy life and adventures and loves meeting new people and hanging out with polite dogs! What a transformation!

You can see in the photo, Lulu is enjoying an outing to one of New Plymouth’s awesome dog-friendly cafe’s with her lovely human, Annie! This makes me so happy! 

Lisa called us to help with Honey’s behaviour. Little Honey was out of control. She was set on not allowing anyone near her family and had even run out and bitten people just because they were walking past. This was quite stressful, not only for Lisa but for Honey as well.

Lisa knew she needed help. But could Honey, a dog with a bite history really learn a better way of dealing with things that worried her?

Yes she could! We gave Lisa the tools to help Honey become a happier part of the family. Lisa was already trying her best to be a good dog owner but was just missing a few key ways to really help give Honey confidence and teach her to trust Lisa. Now Lisa can happily take Honey out for walks and Honey can enjoy being a more active part of the family!

* Names have been changed to protect their privacy.

We met Lelia as a puppy Morgan contacted us because Lelia was attacking her and she didn’t understand why her puppy was so grumpy with her. I knew Morgan and Lelia needed help before Lelia became an aggressive dog.

Lelia wasn’t angry at her owner, she was trying to tell her something! But Morgan didn’t know what!

We helped Morgan learn to listen to Lelia, and as Lelia grew up helped Morgan learn how to teach Lelia to listen to her and become a team! 

Morgan and Lelia are an awesome team today! I can’t wait to see what they achieve in the future!

How Can You Trust That SolutionK9 Can Help You?

Because we've helped many dogs, just like yours, go from being out of control and leaving their owners feeling frustrated, embarrassed, exasperated and even worried...

To becoming FANTASTIC family pets that their owners can now enjoy their lives with! And your dog can too!

How would your life change for the better if you had an obedient dog?

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