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Hey, I’m Luzelle the Dog Trainer and I help dog owners learn how to train their dogs all around Taranaki, New Zealand.

You’re probably here because your dog’s behaviour is adding more stress than enjoyment to your life. But don’t worry. We’ve worked with all sorts of behaviour challenges! 

We believe that good dogs are made, not born! That means that your dog can learn how to be a good dog!

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we can help you

If you have a dog whose behaviour is worrying you, then we can help. 

Particularly if your dog is chasing stock (or even getting out and drooling over the neighbour’s chickens or cats).

We can even help you if your dog is reactively or aggressively barking or biting people or even other dogs. Fighting with the other dogs in your home or you’re experiencing other challenges.

And if your dog won’t come when called or is looking for every opportunity to run away, you’ve come to the right place!

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It’s pretty easy to get hold of us, we recommend sending us a text or giving us a call.

You can also message us on FB or Insta @SolutionK9

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If you’re not in Taranaki, we can also help you online at The Dog Training Lab!

Life is just better with an obedient dog. So start enjoying your life more with your dog by getting the help you need!

If you’re not sure if we’re the right trainer for you, you can also check out our blogs for more information on how we train. Our latest blogs are below:

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