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Imagine having a dream dog… a dog that you can take anywhere, for a long leisurely walk and even join you out for a coffee. A dog that comes when called and is a joy around your friends and visitors, a dog that enriches your life and doesn’t add to your stress…

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Shelby learned to walk on a loose leash in only one lesson with Luzelle from SolutionK9 Dog Training Taranaki. Naomi didn’t think this was possible as Shelby had always pulled too strong for her to enjoy taking Shelby for walks

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How has your dog affected your life?

When was the last time you could enjoy having visitors over without being embarrassed by your dog? Is walking your dog like trying to walk a freight train? Can you let your dog off leash with confidence? Is your dog’s behaviour worrying you, or causing frustration or stress in your home?

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Client Story

Rachel tells how Luzelle from SolutionK9 Dog Training Taranaki helped her with Libby’s behaviour challenges. Libby went from “Libby Monster” to Amazing Helper Libby in a very short time!

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