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Do you wish your dog would just listen to you?

How we can help you with your dog: (Yes, these are real examples of actual dogs we have helped!)

From a reactive dog to a super, loyal and obedient dog who goes to cafes!

Living with a reactive dog can be stressful. Your dog keeps barking at other dogs and you have no idea how to help your dog! That’s OK, we can help! We’ve helped many reactive dogs learn how to cope around other dogs and people and we can help your dog too!

Just some of the dogs who made this fabulous transformation:

From not listening + stealing stuff to fantastic family dog!

Some dogs can make life a challenge. Especially when they make a fun game out of stealing and destroying your stuff! We can help you if your dog does this! Just like we’ve helped other dogs who do these things too!

From aggressive + a nightmare to walk to a dog the family can enjoy!

Is your dog aggressive?

No problem! We’ve helped many aggressive dogs learn that their life (and yours) can be so much better if they drop the tough guy routine – yes, even if it’s serious! We can help!

From barking nightmares with toileting problems to fabulous companions!

Are your dogs barking at everything? Toileting in the house? Do you just want some sanity? Don’t worry, we’ve helped many dogs just like yours learn how to control their vocal outbreaks as well as that your lounge isn’t their toilet!

From nervous puppy to confident + obedient best friend!

We know how to transform nervous puppies into well behaved, confident dogs that you can enjoy spending time with!

Yup, we’ve helped many nervous puppies, and we can help your puppy too!

How Can We Help?

We have both online and in person training solutions so that you and your dog can find the best solution to suit your needs and your budget!

We train differently to most other dog trainers. Our training is results focussed and our clients repeatedly give us excellent reviews for not only our online classes but also the help we give them in person! So you can be sure that the solutions we share with you are tried and tested!

Hi, I'm Luzelle the dog trainer!

If it has to do with transforming your dog from naughty, embarrassing, frustrating or worrying you into a dog who is an obedient, well-behaved pet that your family can enjoy and love to spend time with, I can help!

My goal is to help you enjoy your dog as part of your life, just as I can enjoy my own dogs! 

Your dog can be obedient! And I can show you how!

Need Help with Your Dog?

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What Some of Our Clients Say!

And you can find out what many more of our happy dog owners have to say on Facebook! With so many happy dog owners, we must be doing something right. But don’t take our word for it! Read more reviews here!

“Before starting training with SolutionK9, we were training Harley as best we could, but she still had major issues around fear and aggression that we felt at a loss to control. Now that we have started training with Luzelle we are feeling so much more confident that Harley can be a happier more well rounded and well behaved dog. Harley can get close to other dogs without reacting, and is following all basic commands that we are being taught. So exciting getting results and knowing how happy the dogs are!”
John + Harley
"I have just come back from the most pleasant walk I have ever had with my hypo crazy Labrador! With very few reminders he walked beautifully and to top if off at the end of the walk a cat ran across in front of us and he stayed nicely by my side! This would never have happened without the help of Luzelle, she has helped us so much with our dog and it was the first time I have truly enjoyed a walk with him - and we still have one more class to go! I highly recommend Solution K9!"
Laura + Ned
"Norman started dog obedience with Luzelle a month ago and after the first session we had him walking on a loose lead! Now that's pretty amazing as we've tried everything and yet all walks started out with us nearly dislocating an arm! Such a difference and it didn't stop there! He's now much more focused and is loving learning lots of new things. Luzelle is amazing, she spends time getting to know your dog and really gets in their heads, then adapts training to suit your dog which is fantastic! I would recommend her to anyone with any breed dog, if Norman can learn it any dog can!"
Jo + Norman

Need Help with Your Dog?

Contact us today, and tell us how we can help you with your dog!