5 Signs That Your Dog Is A Hidden Gem

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Now, the things that would make your dog a great working dog is the very things that will probably make them a difficult to live with pet.

OK there are a lot of things that makes dogs AMAZING but when it comes to what working dog people and pet dog people really want, it’s totally opposite.

So let me share with you 5 things that your dog could be doing that would make working dog people green with envy.

Now, the things that would make your dog a great working dog is the very things that will probably make them a difficult to live with pet. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great dog even if they’re a bit challenging. I have working dogs as pets, and we have a great time. But I digress… if you want more details about how to turn your dog into an amazing pet, I’ll have some info for you at the end of this blog post…

Now, let’s get to it!

Your dog will destroy anything to get to their ball!
Any dog who loves a ball is easy to train. Because it’s easy to use the ball to get your dog to do whatever we need them to do. Especially if their ball obsession is paired with any of the following things.

While this can be infuriating, a lot of working dogs won’t give their toys back once they’ve got them. And some of them can even threaten to (or really do) bite people who try and take their toys away. While this isn’t always something that working dog people seek out, it’s sometimes just the by-product of a really good dog. Though not always.

Of course, food is good too, but for a working dog, they prefer toys. If your dog is obsessed with food, you can still get them to work their little hearts out! You don’t need your dog to be obsessed with toys of course!

Your dog wants to round up everything

Sheepdog anyone? Yup, the dog’s natural predatory instinct has been selectively bred to make some dogs obsessively want to create order out of disorder or… anything that moves… balls, sheep, children.

If this is your dog, you could get involved in sports like treiball and some dogs who love to herd everything seems to also excel at almost every sport: from obedience to Agility to flygiliy to discdog… um pretty much everything, really…

Your Dog is Determined to Get What They Want

A lovely pet dog easily moves onto something else. But not a good working dog. A good working dog will keep going back to what they want, and this is where naughty behaviours like stealing food, destroying stuff and digging holes comes in when they want to get at whatever they want. Mouse, bug, ball, food… whatever it is they want, they won’t give up till they’ve got it.

Not so much fun for you, but this is exactly the quality working dog people want in their dogs. When it comes to identifying whatever they’re trained to find a working dog can’t quit when there’s a bit of a challenge. So if your dog is like this, just get a trainer who is experienced with working dogs, they know how to channel their focus into more useful endeavors…

Your dog has too much energy

You might find it overwhealming when it seems like you’ve just taken your dog for a 2 hour run and they’re still wanting more! But this is exactly what working dog people want! Because your dog should want to keep working even when other dogs would have quit a long time ago.

If your dog is like this, it’s important to spend some time working their brain rather than their body. You’ll never be able to do enough to tire out a dog like this. In fact they’ll just get fitter which means that you’ll have to do more exercise! And good working dogs will literally work themselves to death. So teach them some relaxation exercises and skills like tricks so that they spend as much if not more time exercising their mind as they do their body!

Your dog’s nose is ALWAYS busy

This alone doesn’t mean that your dog would make a great working dog. But dogs like Beagles, Spaniels and German Shepherds have amazing noses and if you combine this with the other indicators then your dog really is hot property! I kid you not. Detector dogs are in high demand and when your dog is driving you up the wall, it’s good to remember that.

You could harness this by getting your dog involved in sports like nose work, barn hunt or even volunteer for MPI and teach your dog to find weeds that NZ is trying to get rid of!

What Else Can You Do?

Other than channeling your dog’s natural abilities into compatible sports, you’ll also want to teach your dog how to be a good dog around home. Because, let’s face it, you really got your dog to enjoy!

Well, it’s your lucky day, because I’ve put together an online class to help you learn exactly how to teach your dog how to be a good dog! Wanna check it out? You’ll find more details right here!

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Hi, I'm Luzelle! I help dog owners, just like you, learn how to enjoy your dogs. Because not only will you benefit as your dog's guardian, but your dog will feel happier and more fulfilled as well! The reality is that naughty dogs aren't fun to take anywhere. And I know your dog really wants to be a good dog, they just don't know how! So, stop getting frustrated and embarrassed by your dog's bad behaviour, and give us a call! Because Life is just better with an obedient dog and good dogs have more fun!

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