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New Zealand Dog Trainer

Living with dogs can sometimes be a challenge. We get it!

You’re not alone, we’ve experienced the frustrations and embarrassment of naughty dog-behaviour, and totally understand that life is just better with an obedient dog!

Hiya, I’m Luzelle, the Dog Trainer, and my passion is showing dog owners how to transform their dogs, not only into well behaved pets, but also great dogs that they can confidently enjoy their life and adventures with. I’ve trained animals (including cats and horses) all my life, though dogs made a debut in 2007. But since then, I have developed dogs that have even become Military Working Dogs (MWD) and I have transformed teams from drab to fab successful Agility and Obedience competitors – yes animal training has been my life’s obsession and passion! This well-rounded background means you can be confident that I can help you transform your stubborn pooch into a beautifully obedient dog!

Think of me as your personal coach! Yup, I’m not just here to train your dog, because let’s face it, I don’t live with your dog, you do! I’m here to equip you with the skills and expertise to help you transform your dog from a frustrating embarrassment to a dog you can be proud of and confidently include in your life!

Through my Training Programs and Online Learning Resources I give dog owners outstanding practical guidance to revolutionise life with their dog for the better – and have the dog they always wanted! That means, your dog, yes, the one who drags you down the street can learn to walk nicely on leash! You can get with a Discovery Consultation!

To learn more, and get my Workbook with 5 Simple ways to Get a More Obedient dog,

And, just incase you’re after some more goss, here’s a bit more about my non-work life (though, when your passion is also your job, it’s tough to separate the two):

I live with my husband, Mark, a cat called Zippy, two naughty love birds (Blue & Mischief) who hang out on my shoulder even when I walk around my orchard, Kaz my German Shepherd and Nym my working dog on the outskirts of New Plymouth, near Pouakai Zoo. I joke that I’m closer to lions now than I ever was living in South Africa.

In my spare time I love to listen to fun, funny and cheeky songs with a good beat (no soppy love songs for me). I love TV shows like The Last Kingdom, but I can’t watch any animal movies. It doesn’t matter if they’re happy or sad, I cry from start to finish (it’s actually embarrassing, but after having Zak, I’m OK with it). Despite that, my favourite movies are Second Hand Lions, A Tall Tale and the movie Eyes of an Angel (yup, it’s even got a Dobermann in it).

I also love to do gardening (there’s nothing better than seeing my seeds hatch!). I’m also a keen artist, with a particular knack for painting and drawing animal portraits. I probably have too many hobbies to count and I’m always scheming and planning something. Currently, I’m scheming to get another dog and some goats… but Shhh… don’t tell Mark!



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Now that you’ve got to know me better and know that I’m a passionate New Zealand Dog Trainer, and I care about you and your dog! You can get in touch with me and tell me more about the challenges you are experiencing with your dog by filling out the form below!