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Hey! Nice to meet you!

I’m Luzelle, the dog trainer here at SolutionK9! I’m also the dog trainer behind The Dog Training Lab where you can learn how to train your dog online – which is great if you’re not in Taranaki!

But enough about me! I totally know what it’s like to have a naughty dog! I got my first dog in 2007, a very naughty Dobermann called Zakkie! He stole food, pulled my arm out of its socket! Chased seagulls and cats and wouldn’t come back when I called. 

I took him to the local dog training club, and after spending weeks training Zakkie, he was STILL pulling on lead and was no better on the other fronts either! That’s not what I want for you! I actually want you to see results from your training and be able to enjoy your dog!

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Ideal if you’re not in Taranaki, also, here’s where you’ll find some freebies to help you with your dog (because I love helping you!)! You’ll find them out in The Dog Training Lab HUB!

How I became a dog trainer...

OK, so after trying Obedience and Agility and Zakkie failing at both (I just didn’t understand it, I thought all does loved Agility!). I thought Zakkie was just too old and I got a German Shepherd puppy called Kaz.

And I proceeded to stuff up her training too! Yup, I totally messed up her socialisation and made her reactive to other dogs. But what I did manage to get right with her is train her for obedience competitions!

Anyway, then I got my first Malinois called Delta! Malinois aren’t usually considered to be very good pets and Delta was definitely a challenge! I was always covered in bruises, but I had so much fun training her. Anyway, she’s in the Military now, having fun!

Zakkie taught me that old dogs can learn new tricks. Kaz taught me how to help reactive and aggressive dogs and Delta taught me how to train very difficult dogs!

Now, a few more dogs later (though I’ve still got Kaz), I live with an amazing Malinois called Raven who I’ve raised from a puppy and she’s an absolute dream to live with – thanks to the lessons I learned from Zakkie, Kaz and Delta (and a few other dogs along the way)

I’ve also had the priviledge of helping so many owners help their dogs and I’m always so happy when they tell me how their life has changed for the better because of how I’ve helped them! And I want to help you enjoy your life with your dog too!

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