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SolutionK9 Believes

At The SolutionK9 Education Centre, we not only have a dream but a belief that every dog can learn to be a good dog, yes that includes your dog! To achieve this dream and belief, we have a purpose-built facility where dog lovers and owners, like you, and dogs, just like your dog, can come to achieve their goals. A specialised facility where you can bring your pup to learn how to become a good dog.

If it has to do with transforming your naughty, embarrassing, frustrating or worrying dog into an obedient, well-behaved member of the canine society that you can actually enjoy spending your life with, I can help. You're in the right place if any of these apply…

I'm here because
  1. My dog pulls my arm out of its socket every time we go for a walk. And It's so frustrating!
  2. My dog gets very over excited and is so totally out of control it's embarrassing!
  3. My dog is growling or barking at friends, family and strangers and I'm worried that my dog will hurt someone.
  4. My dog is so naughty, I'm sure he has painted-on-ears syndrome and will not do what I say or come back when I call.
  5. I want some scandalously juicy gossip about your personal life (let's face it, probably not).

You don't need to worry anymore! Because we can help you, just like we have helped so many other people transform their naughty, embarrassing, frustrating or worrying dogs into amazingly obedient and well-behaved dogs that they can enjoy their lives with.

Hey, I'm Luzelle and I LOVE transforming naughty, embarrassing, frustrating dogs into unbelievably obedient pets! I have worked with many dogs, from squishy misunderstood pets that didn't know how to be a good dog to arrogant, bossy dogs that just didn't care about being a good dog and all have become amazing dogs.

I've even coached four teams that have gone on to win at obedience competitions, two of whom got first place at their very first competition ever! Not only that, but I have socialised and developed two dogs to become elite working dogs, one is now a dual purpose Military Working Dog and the other is a Bomb Sniffer dog for the police. So I can definitely help you with your dog's embarrassing, frustrating, worrying and naughty behaviour. 

I work one-on-one with owners, coaching them through their dog's behavioural problems (for things like over-excitement, toileting/marking in the house, chasing the cat, or aggression towards other dogs or people).

I run group classes to teach dogs that need to learn the basic (for puppies and adult dogs), as well as fun things like training your own sniffer dog or teaching your dog cool tricks! You can check these out under Services then Obedience Training.

I also have online classes even if you're not local, so that you can still learn effective ways to transform your dog into an obedient dog! You can check these out under Services then Online Learning.

Now what?

If you are ready to enjoy your life again and get help to transform your dog from naughty to amazing, give me a call and tell me about your dog's worrying, naughty, frustrating and embarrassing behaviour!

Call Now and tell Luzelle about the challenges you are experiencing with your dog!

Incase you really were after some scandalously juicy gossip about my personal life...

Ok, I'm sorry, I'm not sure that I can deliver on scandalous or juicy, but here goes... I live with my husband, Mark, a cat called Zippy and Kaz my German Shepherd under the watchful eye of the Pouakai ranges on the outskirts of New Plymouth, near Pouakai Zoo. I joke that I’m closer to lions now than I ever was living in South Africa.

In my spare time, I love to listen to fun, funny and cheeky songs with a good beat (no soppy love songs for me). I love TV shows like The Last Kingdom, but I can’t watch any animal movies. It doesn’t matter if they’re happy or sad, I cry from start to finish (it’s actually embarrassing, but after having Zak, I’m OK with it). Despite that, my favourite movies are Second Hand Lions, Indiana Jones (the early series), A Tall Tale, and the Sherlock Holmes movies, love the moody steampunk theme through it with Jude Law and Robert Downey JR in the lead roles (I was a makeup artist (you wouldn't think it, because I hardly wear makeup now) and involved with a team doing short films in a previous life. I just love adventure, and nutting out puzzles (not the puzzles where you sit down and put funny shapes together, there's too much to get done to sit down doing puzzles, no I'm talking about problem-solving).

I also love to do gardening and art, as I said before, with a particular knack for painting and drawing animal portraits as well as graphic design and website design. I swear I probably have too many hobbies to count and I’m always scheming and planning something. Currently, I’m scheming to get another dog and some goats… but Shhh… don’t tell Mark, he's afraid I'm going to train them (the goats that is)!

Need help to survive life with your naughty dog?

We've put this together especially for you: The Naughty Dog Survival Guide! So you can stop feeling so frustrated and start getting the dog you've always wanted! What are you waiting for?

Grab it now!