About SolutionK9

Hi, my name is Luzelle!

And I’m a rebel dog trainer. And I have a cause! (and a cheesy sense of humour). You can learn more about me and SolutionK9 on this page!

I believe that dog training should take your dog’s individual personality into account. Because not doing so isn’t helping dogs and everyday dog owners like you and me. 

I see far too many dogs that have been through training and their owners are still struggling with the same problems. Why? Because too many dog trainers use a cookie-cutter and one-size-fits-all approach to dog training.

I’m taking a stand. That’s not what your dog needs. I’m serious about helping your dog become the best dog that they can be!

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Join The Rebellion

Every dog should be obedient enough to go with their family on holiday, to the beach and to visit friends and family. Because every dog is capable of being obedient.

If you want to be able to enjoy your dog more as part of your family, join the rebellion!

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For The Love of Dogs

Dogs love being with their humans. Your dog would much rather learn how to be a good dog and go with you on adventures than stay at home.

If you want to be able to include your dog more in your adventures, join the rebellion!

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Maybe You're Here Because...

Your dog is not behaving quite as they should and you’d like to find someone who can help! 

You have come to the right place! Don’t worry. I can definitely help you with your dog’s behaviour and training challenges!

If you are here because you want to be happier with your dog, join the rebellion!

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Who is SolutionK9 For

If you are looking for training that is designed to help you unlock your dog’s inner good dog, you’ve come to the right place.

 If you want your dog to be more than just a garden ornament that is exactly why we’re here!

If you want your dog to be your best mate, join the rebellion!

Who is SolutionK9 Not For?

SolutionK9 cannot help you if you don’t want your dog to be a part of your life. That’s not our mission in life. 

If you want your dog to be a “garden ornament”, we can’t help you either. That’s not our mission in life. We can only help you if you want to enjoy your dog more as part of your life, like your best friend. 

If you’re looking for a silver bullet… um… don’t join the rebellion… you’re in the wrong place. While we have helped many, many dogs become amazing pets, but training your dog (like everything worthwhile) requires some changes to be made to enable your dog to reach their full potential!

SolutionK9 Believes

That Life is Just Better with an Obedient dog! And that your dog can learn to be obedient too!

Your dog is an individual afterall, just like you! So to help them best, their training should adjust to them, not be a one-size-fits-all force your dog into a box solution. Your dog can be a good dog, with the right help!

That it is our job to help you learn how to help your dog – afterall, we don’t live with your dog – you do. So it’s important that we show you exactly how to help your dog be the best dog that they can be! And be there for you through your journey!

Dog training is fun and rewarding! It’s like a catch-22 without the catch: the more you train, the better your dog gets so the more you train (because you’re enjoying it) and the more fun you get to have with your dog and the more you can enjoy them as a part of your life that is bringing you happiness and not stress or frustration!
Your dog wants to be a good dog, they just don’t know how, yet! And we can help you with that!

If you want your dog to be the best dog that they can be, join the rebellion

Proudest Moments

I have way too many to count! But I’ll start with the teams I’ve coached in Obedience: Michalla & Sassie, Estelle & Dante, Annie & Lulu and Kayla & Shadow. Seeing these teams go from drab to fab in the obedience ring just warms the cockles of my heart!

Then of course there are all the dogs I’ve trained and helped! And I cannot list them all, but here are my standouts: Jazz (two people failed to get jazzy heeling out of Jazz – pun most definitely intended – till I showed her how much fun it can be!), Delta (who is now a Military Working Dog), Nym (who is now a bomb detection dog and I trained her from scratch to competition Obedience level in only 2 months), Kaz (who a judge told me wouldn’t amount to much, and then we won first place under that same judge), turns heads at every obedience competition – we even won the Junior Dog of the Year Trophy in our first year competing). And of course special mentions must go to Rango and Ryker two very serious dogs that allowed me to become their friends.

7 Facts About Me

  • I love training dogs to perform tricks and compete in the obedience ring.
  • I always want a puppy (and a goat, actually, name the animal, I want it and want to train it).
  • I love helping people get the same joy from their dogs as I get from mine.
  • I love all dogs! 
  • I can’t watch animal movies without crying from start to finish (no matter if they’re happy or sad).
  • I’m a qualified makeup artist (but I don’t wear makeup all that often anymore – wearing makeup doesn’t go well with doggy kisses).
  • I used to work in an office as a Personal Assistant to CEO’s.

(oh and just one more, my pets include: my husband, Mark, my 15 year old cat, Zippy, my 8 year old German Shepherd, Kaz, and my Belgian Malinois puppy, Raven. They complete me… um… not quite, I’ll always add more pets to the list – not more husbands though, I draw the line at one).

Other Projects

Hey, I’m also the founder of The Dog Training Lab! Check it out and join if you dare to become a dog trainer like me! Myself and a group of epic dog trainer friends will show you the ropes and help you learn the skills you need to become a dog trainer! Click the logo below to check it out!

Grab Your Free Naughty Dog Survival Guide

And Get a Handle on Your Dog's Naughty habits!