Behaviour Training by SolutionK9

Did your dog jump on your mother in law’s beautiful white suit and now she’s telling your husband that you can’t even control your dog, so how can you manage his kids? (Ugh! I know, right).

Is your dog barking at everything and everyone and scaring little kids and you don’t know what to do? (OMG, nightmare!).

Did your dog just run out of the front door and now it’s going to take you 3 hours to find them and you hope the pound doesn’t pick them up before you do? (Who needs that stress in their life? Not you!)

I get it, sometimes life with dogs can be tough! But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have an amazing dog that even your mother in law will be proud of. I promise you, it’s possible!

A New Way of Thinking

You need solutions that will work and fast! But it's all a lot easier when you understand why your dog is doing stuff you'd rather them not do.

Training does take time, but it can go a lot smoother and faster when you use the right training to help your dog! And we can help you with that. You see every dog is different and we're here to help you find the right solution for your dog's challenges so you can enjoy your dog sooner and get your mother in law off your back.

No leash, no collar - the dog is loose but wants to hang out with her human! That is what you can have when you are a part of your dog's life rather than expecting them to play with the other dogs.

Get The Right Training

Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, but what do the results say? While some can train dogs, they often fall short when it comes to showing you how to train your dog! Other trainers subscribe to a one size fits all approach without taking you and your dog into consideration!

Get training that's right for you and your dog so you can unleash your dog's true potential and start enjoying your dog as your best friend right now!

German Shepherd Puppy hanging out with her human after her lesson at SolutionK9

Total Behaviour Programs

Get the training that will really help you and your dog! Training with SolutionK9 is about helping your dog to become an active part of your life, so working with SolutionK9 means that you and your dog will learn the skills you need so that you can have a dog you can enjoy!

Programs designed around what your dog needs to become a happy, confident dog that you can enjoy your life with!

Ready to Enjoy Your life Again?

(And Get your Mother in law off your case)

SolutionK9 Behaviour Consultation

Let's get your dog's behaviour sorted! It all starts with a 2 hour behaviour consult in the comfort and privacy of your own home. A lot of information will be covered during the consultation!

What you get:
A follow up email with video examples of what was covered
The SolutionK9 Dog Training Toolkit

Let's get your dog's behaviour sorted so that you can really enjoy life with your best friend!

Not quite Ready For A Behaviour Consultation, yet?

Grab Your Naughty Dog Survival Guide to get your dog started on the right track and restore your sanity at the same time!