Why Your Dog Won’t Eat!

Why Your Dog Won’t Eat By Luzelle Cockburn Now, in almost every class there’s at least one owner with a dog who won’t take their treats. I’ve been down that road myself. I once was THAT owner with THAT dog. I totally understand the frustration. So, here’s a list of solutions that could help your …

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What’s Your Dog’s Why?

Socializing Raven, What have I done? (Tips for Socializing Your Puppy) By Luzelle Cockburn Right, so I’ve had little Raven for about a month now. What have I done to help her socialisation? Well, I’m going to tell you! Socialisation Focus Because Raven came to me with extensive dog socialisation I haven’t really worried too …

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Can You Say No To Your Dog?

Can You Say No to Your Dog?

Can You Say No To Your Dog? By Luzelle Cockburn I’ve been hearing some rumours that dog trainers are saying owners can’t say “no” to their dogs. I find this concept interesting. Is it right to say “no” to your dog? Has saying “no” become taboo? If so, why?If you do want to use it …

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The Value of a Good Dog Trainer

The Value of a Good Dog Trainer

  The Value of a Good Dog Trainer By Luzelle Cockburn Everyone wants an obedient dog. But expecting your 8-week old puppy or newly adopted dog to be the next “Lassie” is a bit unrealistic (or any dog that hasn’t received training for that matter). For a start, Lassie was a fictional character (I know, …

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A Dog Trainer’s Journey

A Dog Trainer's Journey

  A Dog Trainer’s Journey By Luzelle Cockburn I never set out to become a dog trainer. When I got my first dog, that thought was the furthest thing from my mind. But it happened. And I finally feel like I’m making a difference in the world. Seeing once frustrated dog owners actually being able …

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