Can Leadership Help Your Dog?

Ever met those people who seem to have the perfect dog? Like, no matter what sort of dog they get or what breed of dog they have, the dog seems to be perfect. Their dogs are are calm, content and will be happy to lie by the owner’s feet. The owner can take the dog […]

Partnership, Leadership or Dominance – what does your dog need?

Have you heard: “You need to show your dog who’s boss.” Or what about “No, you need to be a good leader.” And then there is “No, dominance has “been debunked”, your dog doesn’t need a leader they need a partner.” I’ve even heard “while dogs have a hierarchy, humans are a different species and […]

A Dog Trainer’s Journey

How do you accidentally become a dog trainer? Well, it happens. Here’s how I accidentally became a dog trainer!

Zakkie’s Story Part 2 (a Dog Trainer’s First Dog)

So after Zakkie’s obedience career’s spectacular fail, I thought we would give Agility a go! Dogs love agility… right?! Surely Zak will love it too and be like the dogs you see on the internet… If you missed Part 1, you can read it here! Zakkie’s Agility Career So off we went to our first […]