Tips for Common Dobermann Behaviour Problems

Each breed tends to have its own traits. The same is true for Dobermanns. And it’s more than just their beauty that makes us fall in love with them. Just remember your dog is an individual, so not everything in this blog might apply to your Dobie!

Introducing: The SolutionK9 Army!

Imagine if you could find people who could help you with your dog all around the world that we recommend… well you can! They’re called The SolutionK9 Army!

But we’ve got to start small… these amazing people are the first members of The SolutionK9 Army! And I trust them to help you with your dog!

Who are the Dyslexic Dog Trainers?

When you find an awesome mate who understands you on a deeper level, you team up, right? Right! I present to you The Dyslexic Dog Trainers!

Should You Send Your Dog Away for Training?

Sending your dog away for a board and train could be the solution to your problems. You’re busy. You don’t want to learn how to train your dog, you just want a good dog! But is sending your dog away for training a good idea?

What’s Your Dog’s Why?

What if I told you this one thing can change your life and the life of your dog for the better, forever! Get to know your dog’s why and achieve what you thought was impossible!

Live with a Malinois Successfully!

You’ve done your research and you’ve decided a Malinois is for you. Nothing will convince you otherwise. So in this blog I’ll help you get ready so you can be successful!

What are the 7 Qualities of a good leader?

Ever met those people who seem to have the perfect dog? Like, no matter what sort of dog they get or what breed of dog they have, the dog seems to be perfect. Their dogs are are calm, content and will be happy to lie by the owner’s feet. The owner can take the dog […]