Client Stories

Annie & Lulu

“I was thinking about doing dog training with my new pup Lulu – at this point she was about 6 months old and was starting to get really annoying – and I was afraid to bring her anywhere at all because she barked at everyone and everything. I found Luzelle, and – to be frank, was hoping she didn’t call me back because it would have given me an excuse to NOT do the work I needed to do….and of course, I initially thought it was going to be dreadful She DID call me back & then the work began. Much to my surprise, it was actually FUN. I did not expect this.

Luzelle works in a way that I have never seen before and it really helped us because I was not confident bringing Lulu out in public. I realized that my own fears were impacting Lulu and she was feeding off this – that she needed a confident owner, and I needed to shift my energy. Luzelle, realizing that our dogs and us all have different personalities, developed a plan for Lulu to work on her strengths; and also for her to gain confidence by having positive experiences… so in essence, we were setting her up for SUCCESS.

A year later, Lulu is walking with her tail high (initially she was putting it between her legs) and is curious to meet other people. She is no longer fearful, although she is still cautious, still an introvert – but she is allowed to be herself in her own glorious way. I feel alot more relaxed now and Lulu is a good dog. I am ENJOYING her, and now my other dog has joined along and wants to be part of the games. Luzelle helps to make training FUN – which is something I have never seen before, and it’s great.

I highly recommend her if you are looking to get the most out of your dog.”

Emily & Judge

“I came to Luzelle for help in training my dog, Judge, because what I was doing was not working and I was getting frustrated.   Luzelle quickly helped me to understand the important principles behind my dog’s behaviour.
I felt that I was being trained how to behave with my dog, and in turn this put him at ease and I could train him how to behave. I was really grateful for Luzelle’s skilled help and enthusiasm for training. It really saved mine and Judges relationship! I would definitely recommend training with Luzelle.”

John & Harley

“Before starting training with Solution K9, we were training Harley as best we could, but she still had major issues around fear and aggression that we felt at a loss to control.

Now that we have started training with Luzelle we are feeling so much more confident that Harley can be a happier more well rounded and well behaved dog, and we can be better owners. We are seeing the strides that both Harley and Dent are taking after only a couple of sessions. Harley can get close to other dogs without reacting, and is following all basic commands that we are being taught. And dent after struggling with a command has now got it down pat and is keen to train. So exciting getting results and knowing how happy the dogs are!”

Jade & Jetta

“Lovely trainer who has a lot of helpful information – Jetta never listened to us before we went to Solution K9, now she is much happier to be around us and is doing what we say! We also now have many games that we can play with our dog to help her training and to keep things fun.  Fully recommend going to Solution K9 if you’re ever having trouble with your dog.” – Jade & Jetta

Estelle & Dante

“When we started training with Luzelle, things were different.  The training was different to what we had been told to do before.  Dante was a lot more engaged (focused) with me and getting excited again to train.  Training became something he looked forward to.  He is starting to find positions on his own… and he is offering behaviours excitedly, trying to find what I want, where as before he would just huff.

Luzelle has been a pleasure to work with, not only is she really nice, understanding and helpful, the dogs love her.  And she really cares about helping them and have fun and get things right so they are happy, I am happy and well, everyone is happy and having a good time while learning”

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