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You are probably here because you are sick of your dog's bad behaviour, but you know it doesn't have to be that way!

Do you need help to turn your dog's bad behaviour around quickly and learn the secrets to having a dog that you can actually enjoy?

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What SolutionK9 Clients have to say!

"Lulu is now walking with her tail high (initially she was putting it between her legs) and is curious to meet other people. She is no longer fearful, although she is still cautious, still an introvert - but she is allowed to be herself in her own glorious way.

Luzelle works in a way that I have never seen before and it really helped us because I was not confident bringing Lulu out in public. Luzelle, realizing that our dogs and us all have different personalities, developed a plan for Lulu to work on her strengths; and also for her to gain confidence by having positive in essence, we were setting her up for SUCCESS."

- Annie & Lulu
Enjoy the photos to see how this team have been able to enjoy life together since training with SK9!

Annie & Lulu won first place at their very first attempt at obedience competitions! Image Image Image Image Image

"Robbie is happier, more alert and behaving a lot better.”

– Pip & Robbie


"It really saved mine and Judges relationship! I would definitely recommend training with Luzelle.”

– Emily & Judge

“When we started training with Luzelle, things were different.  The training was different to what we had been told to do before.  Dante was a lot more engaged (focused) with me and getting excited again to train."

- Estelle & Dante


"Jetta never listened to us before we went to Solution K9, now she is much happier to be around us and is doing what we say!

- Jade & Jetta

"Now we are feeling so much more confident that Harley can be a happier more well rounded and well-behaved dog, and we can be better owners. We are seeing the strides that both Harley and Dent are taking after only a couple of sessions. Harley can get close to other dogs without reacting and is following all basic commands that we are being taught. And dent after struggling with a command has now got it down pat and is keen to train. So exciting getting results and knowing how happy the dogs are!”

– Shontelle and John & Harley and Dent