We will continue to help and support you through Covid-19 Alert Level 4:

While we cannot meet with you in person, we are still answering phone calls and messages through our FB Page. Please feel free to phone, text or message us through FB if you need help with your dog! I am here for you!

We are also running virtual classes – you can join these online at 
The Dog Training Lab!

Do you wish your dog would just listen to you?

We have both online and in person training solutions so that you and your dog can find the best solution to suit your needs and your  budget!

How are we different? Our training is results focused and our clients repeatedly give us excellent reviews for not only our online classes but also the help we give them in person! So you can be sure that the solutions we share with you are tried and tested!

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One of the best ways to get hold of me is through The SolutionK9 Facebook Page Message feature, or you can call or text me on 0211444368 too! My emails are far too messy, so please don’t send me an email.

Phone or Text +64 21 1444 368

Work with Luzelle Online

I’ve put together some fabulous resources for you online to help you and your dog get back on the same page. Because I know that dealing with your dog’s naughty behaviour is not fun! But don’t worry, even if you have an obedient dog, we’ve got online classes to help you achieve your obedience goals or to satisfy your inner dog-nerd! 

Check out our online classes and choose the class that’s right for you and your dog! Online training is definitely awesome. A lot of my training skills I learned through online coaching (I even learned from German and French Dog Trainers through online coaching!).

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Want the help to get your dog on the right track?

What Some of Our Clients Say!

And you can find out what many more of our happy dog owners have to say on Facebook! With so many happy dog owners, we must be doing something right. But don’t take our word for it! Read more reviews here!

“Luzelle came and saw us last week and since then, the dogs barking at people passing the house has decreased dramatically!! So much so that it actually felt weird because they were so quiet. Luzelle explained everything to me, making sure I understood each thing which was great. The online resources are great too in that I can read and then print out each part, so I can refer back to it, which I find valuable. I know now it’s up to me now to follow through 😁”
Karen + Axl & Cooper
"How many stars do I give SolutionK9 training well there are not enough in the sky for a start. I have/am doing two of Luzelle's online courses at the moment. I started with the Competitive Edge Vault which started my love of OB training. I went from struggelling to know what to teach my dog to flying through the grades. People may have laughed that I compete a Greyhound! Not now I'm training with Luzelle. You won't be disapointed if you sign up. I am also a part of the Dog Geek Vault which is another one of the courses SolutionK9 offer. What a course this is. I have access to all sorts of trainig material and a chance to pick the brains and talk to very experienced overseas and local trainers. This has taken my training business forward in leaps and bounds. I went from lacking in confidnce to really understanding where I wanted to take my business. All this is possible to Luzelle and her training courses. I would highly recomend anyone signing up for them. They are great value for money and full of resoursces you wont find anywhere else."
Danielle + Rosie & G
"Luzelle knows her stuff! I came to SolutionK9 needing help with our 7month old greyhound x Labrador puppy who was full of puppy troubles which I wanted to stop before it got out of hand, I didn’t want to be that person who had the bad behaved dog that didn’t listen. To list a few he would run out the gate when we opened it and nearly gave us a heart attack when there were on coming cars, he would take us for a walk-pulling like a steam train, he would play bite, dig in the garden, get motion sick every time we went in the car, jumped up on people when they came in the gate, had way to much energy we didn’t know what to do with it. When we had our first private lesson so many questions we had were not only answered but explained why these behaviours were happening. So we are on the road to training an obedient dog after that first lesson magically the motion sickness stopped and our bond became closer. We are now doing the Soultionk9 classes and after the first two there is a huge improvement we can walk mostly on a loose lead no longer pulling. It has taken some persistent training because Otis is a bit of a scatter brain and gets distracted easily. The play biting has stopped. We now know the best ways to use up that puppy energy as well. As Luzelle says “life is better with an obedient dog” and we now have the knowledge and tools and are on our way to having one. I can’t thank her enough there is just such a huge improvement!"
Haley + Otis

The best way to get in touch

If you would like to get in touch, the best way is to contact us through our SolutionK9 Facebook Page

Please keep in mind that it’s just me, and sometime I get scared of calling back or life happens (I’m only human) I will try to call you as soon as I can, but please don’t be afraid to remind me that I haven’t called you yet!