SK9 Foundations: Teach Your Dog To Understand You!

Luzelle Cockburn

Get into your dog’s head and learn how to bring out your dog’s inner star!
Weather too miserable for a walk? No worries, this course will teach you the magic of using mental exercise to your advantage to tire out your pooch.
Impress your friends and show off your amazing dog, yup, the genius in your backyard!

In this course, the focus is on hands-on learning, and we try to ensure the lectures have enough detail so that you can apply the lessons learned with your dog immediately after the lesson. We don’t want you bogged down with long boring lectures we cover the important points so you and your dog can start seeing results immediately!

This course is suitable for dogs of all ages, from young pups to older dogs.

What will you learn?

  • Get the low down on teaching your dog amazing skills and awesome stuff!
  • Find out how smart your dog really is!
  • Exercise your dog’s mind and tire them out mentally – a great way to create some sanity in miserable weather!
  • Amaze your friends with your dog’s new skills learned through this course!
  • Learn how to train your dogs, like the pro’s do – yup, this is how the world’s best dog trainers are training their dogs!

What you get:

A Training Plan Template
Cheat Sheets for every exercise
A video that explains the lessons and shows examples for every lesson – more than 40 video lectures and examples
You get to submit a video in every section, for us to give you tips on how you can improve your training
A Quiz to make sure that you understand what you’ve covered
A Certificate when you complete the course
Bonus! Teach Your Dog to be Good at the Vet!
Bonus! Learn How Different Dogs Learn
Bonus! Learn How to deal with Challenges
Bonus! A cheat sheet for every exercise in this course
Bonus! Training Journal