Taranaki Dog Friendly Dining Guide

Taranaki Dog-Friendly Dining Guide

Luzelle & Puppy Sage of HausTralis Malinois at Starbucks Botany Auckland

By Luzelle Cockburn

Taranaki, especially New Plymouth is truly a Gem when it comes to being dog-friendly! Especially compared to the rest of the country! Us dog owners really are spoiled for choice!

But I digress! 

If you would like to take your dog out with you to a Cafe or Restaurant, please make sure that your dog is on leash and will settle. Other dog owners might be there too and your dog is not allowed to go and say “Hi”. It’s not a place to play. Also there may be people who don’t like dogs, and so having a well behaved dog will result in fewer complaints to the cafe owners which means we will be able to keep our privileges!

The majority of places where your dog is welcome does require your dog to be outside. So please be respectful and keep your dog outside. And where there’s seating off the deck, please choose that.

Dog Friendly Places To Take Your Dog

In New Plymouth

The Good Home – your dog will also receive a complementary pupachino! How cool is that. Please note, dogs are allowed outside only and not during dinner service when it’s particularly busy.

The Public Catering Company – your dog is allowed under the covered area. They even have a place to tie up your dog while you order your coffee! What a neat idea!

Tea House on the Lake (the Pukekura Park Cafe) please don’t tie your dogs to your chairs, those chairs aren’t sturdy enough to hold a dog (someone obviously tied their dog aggressive dog to their chair which ended in disaster). 

In Fitzroy

The Hub Jazz Cafe

Picolo Morso (I’ve not been here yet, it’s on my must try list)


Kitchen Table (by the Countdown)

The Port

The Batch on Breakwater




Westside Grille, dogs are even welcome here for dinner service! I’m hanging out till they bring back those smokey beef burgers then I have a date with Raven right there! Great place and highly recommended, this is where we have our graduation classes, and they really look after us well!

Little Fed I haven’t taken my dogs here – yet! In the little outside area.

Locals Cafe (outside of course)


Cafe Botanix (at Parlmers), please note no dogs on the deck. Great place to have breakfast!


I have heard that Big Jim’s Garden Centre Cafe allows dogs. Though I’ve not taken my dogs there – yet. 


Tawa Glen Cafe will make you and your dog feel very welcome! 


If you would like to take your dog out with you to a Cafe or Restaurant, please make sure that your dog is on leash and will settle. It is not play time, and other people might want to enjoy their outing and don’t want other people’s dogs disturbing them

Need Help So You Can Take Your Dog Out With You?

Because taking our dogs out to a cafe is something we love to do, it is something we try to include in all our training programs! We find that most dogs would rather go out with their owners than stay home alone. So why not take your pooch with you next time you’re out at a cafe! 

Give us a call if you’d like us to go with you the first time – it’s always easier when you have someone who can help you the first time! Even people who thought their dog would never be able to go out with them to a cafe are now enjoying their dog’s company when going out for a coffee. 

Need Some Help with Your Dog?

The whole reason I’m a dog trainer is to keep dog out of shelters and rescues and off death row. The best way to do that is to keep dogs with their families! So, I’ve put together some resources to help you with your dog! It’s all kept in The Dog Training Lab – you’ll find heaps of free resources, just pop your email address in The Free Resources Hub to get access and you’re set! 

What information is in there? Tips to help you with walking your dog on lead, toilet training, problem barking and so much more!

Hey, I’m Luzelle!

If it has to do with transforming your naughty, embarrassing, frustrating or worrying dog into an obedient, well behaved member of the canine society that you can actually enjoy spending your life with, I can help.

Wanna know more? Check out the SolutionK9 About page!

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