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Is your dog's behaviour frustrating, embarrassing or making your life less enjoyable?
Are you tired of coming home and finding your stuff destroyed?
Is your dog's behaviour starting to worry you, and you're scared that someone might get hurt?

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Behaviour Adjustment

Group Obedience Class

Behaviour adjustment training is ideal for your dog if they are reactive on leash or even aggressive towards dogs and people. This training is for dogs that need that little bit extra help to get them on the right track so that you can enjoy your life again!

All behaviour adjustment training starts with a consultation where you will get some tips and tricks to get your dog off on the right start. From there you can choose the level of transformation your dog needs to become a Good, Fantastic or Dream Dog!

All Programs and transformations include support, training conveniently held at your home as well as confidence building walks where we come with you on a walk to show you exactly how to handle your dog! Plus many more bonuses and special features!

Group classes are designed to teach your dog the basic skill so that you can manage them in day-to-day situations.

Your dog will learn to sit, lie down, go to their bed, come when called and walk on a loose leash, all the essentials of every-day life!

All Group Classes have a maximum of 4 dog and handler teams, which means you get individual help with your dog and it means that you and your dog won’t need 10 weeks to master the skills either (you’ll have it sussed in only 4 short weeks!

Get Your Naughty Dog Survival Guide!

Quick ways to get started on the right track with your dog! Yup, this short guide is designed to help you think a little more like the dog trainer your dog needs.
Of course, training with SolutionK9 is going to be tailored to you and your dog's individual needs, but this short guide can help you think a little differently to help you survive your naughty dog!