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Got Obedience?
Get Obedience!

Because Life is Just Better with an Obedient Dog!

Are you frustrated with your dog’s bad behaviour, and fed up because you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work? Do you wish you could just enjoy your dog, like all the other dog owners? Is your dog an embarrassment when you take them anywhere or when people come over?

That’s not why you got a dog! We all want an obedient dog that we can enjoy our lives with and a dog that we can be proud of! And we’re here because your dog can be a good dog too, and we can help you transform your dog into a good dog!

It all starts with a SolutionK9 Discovery Consultation!

What do I get?

Not only do you get a personalised behaviour consultation, conveniently held at your home, we’ll send you training videos to recap some of the lessons we’ve covered during the consultation! You will also get our Dog Training Toolkit e-book which covers 5 Ways to Create a Well-Behaved Dog, 4 Training Essentials, Leadership Skills, Socialisation, Training Plan templates and more! You will also a receive the SolutionK9 Socialisation Kit to further help you and your dog with training and socialisation!

Dog Training New PlymouthDog Training New PlymouthDog Training New Plymouth

Dog Training New PlymouthDog Training New PlymouthDog Training New Plymouth

Why a Discovery Consultation?

Get to know Luzelle from SolutionK9 and experience first hand how we can help you transform your dog with a Discovery Consultation! It’s a great way to see first hand how we can help you with your dog, especially if you’re not ready to book a full program yet!

SolutionK9 offers Dog Training Discovery Consultations, not only in New Plymouth, but around Taranaki as well!

How is SolutionK9 Different?

We have a unique coaching style with an emphasis on teaching you how to get the best out of your dog! We set you up with the skills to have your own amazing dog – because life is just better with an obedient dog!

Use the contact form below to tell Luzelle from SolutionK9 about the challenges you are experiencing with your dog:

Want to dive straight into one of our programs without a discovery consultation?

Check out our results based programs below! Yes, that means, we will continue working with you and your dog until the results promised in the program are achieved!

The Dream Dog Program

Imagine having a dream dog… a dog that comes when called, and looks to you! A dog that is well behaved around visitors, walks politely on leash even around other dogs! A dog that doesn’t get under your feet and is a pleasure to have with you. A dog that you can happily take anywhere with you, even out for coffee or on holiday… This ultimate obedience training & behaviour modification program might be perfect for you and your dog, want to learn more?

Learn more about the Dream Dog Program here!

The Fantastic Dog Program

Imagine having a fantastic dog! A dog that you can confidently take out for a walk. A dog that is not only obedient at home, but out and about too! A dog that is so well behaved that you don’t feel frustrated anymore! Yes, this could be your dog! Need a behaviour modification and obedience training that will equip you to deal with your dog’s challenges?

Learn more about the Fantastic Dog Program here!

The Good Dog Program

Imagine your dog being a dependably obedient dog that listens to you! A dog that is well behaved at home, even around visitors! A dog that doesn’t get under your feet, has manners at doorways, and knows “leave it”! Not only that, but a dog that doesn’t have accidents inside or steal your clothes! How much more would you be able to enjoy your life if you had a well mannered dog? Want to know more about this obedience program?

Learn more about the Good Dog Program here!