Hilariously Funny Dogs
(And the things they get up to...)

Luzelle & Puppy Sage of HausTralis Malinois at Starbucks Botany Auckland

By Luzelle Cockburn

Right so, over the years I’ve had my own as well as enjoyed listening to many funny dog stories. It’s quite an insight into the intelligence, problems solving ability and just sheer hilariousness of dogs and it makes you love your own dog just that little bit more!

These dogs all display a sense of justice, problem solving or just a sick sense of humour. I hope you get to share your life with some funny dogs, and feel free to comment and tell us about your funny dogs! But, you be the judge on our stories, but I love hearing funny dog stories and so I hope you enjoy the stories of these dogs as much as I do!  

Cheeky Chica

Chica belongs to my sister. Chica is a brindle staffy that my sister got in 2010. Now cheeky Chica has this cute and funny quirk where she will take her humans shoes to her bed. And she doesn’t chew the shoes at all. She just sleeps with them. But that isn’t the funniest part. If my sister decides that Chica needs to go out in the back yard and Chica doesn’t agree, she’ll take a shoe and put it on the far end of their yard.

Chica isn’t stupid. Now most dogs aren’t vindictive, and I don’t know where Chica got the idea to do this or how it worked out that she learned this. Because it is a learned behaviour. She didn’t wake up plotting how she could get my sister back for putting her outside. But it’s funny anyway, and my sister can see the funny side to Chica disagreeing with her decisions.

Talking about getting pippy…

Pippy Gets Pippy

Now Pippy belongs to a lovely couple who adopted her to keep their other little terrier, Gizmo, company. And it didn’t take long for Pippy to start getting into a barking match with the neighbour’s dog. That wasn’t something that was particularly pleasant for anyone. If you know dogs, once the barking match starts, it can be rather difficult to put a stop to it.

So I advised Pippy’s owners to try and put her on a “naughty bed” for a time out. Well, the naughty bed worked very well. And when Pippy gets sent to her naughty bed, I’ve heard she even refuses to make eye contact. She’s not a happy Pippy! She will turn her back and totally refuse to look at anyone. And I have it on good authority that Pippy is no longer barking back at the neighbour’s dog.

Now this will not work for every dog, But, Pippy is an awesome dog regardless and I just love her spunk!

“cheeky Chica has this cute and funny quirk where she will take her humans shoes to her bed. And she doesn’t chew the shoes at all. She just sleeps with them.”

Sebastian’s Sick Sense of Humour

Now Sebastian is one funny dog. For the first few years of his life, his poor long-suffering human thought he hated her. But that wasn’t the case at all. In fact he loves her and trusts her, but he just has a little too much attitude and a bit of a sick sense of humour!

Now this didn’t just happen once, the story goes that he tried this numerous times but only succeeded twice. This naughty (dominant) dog would position him on the ridge above his owner, jump into the river below and try to collect his owner on the way down. And then, for good measure stand on her to hold her down (why I say he’s dominant, I mean, seriously, if he wasn’t just getting her into the river would be good enough. But no. Not for Sebastian).

Yup, he’s that arrogant. Oh there are plenty more stories about Sebastian, but I’ll save them for his eulogy – because he’s the best darn dog I’ve ever had the privilege of befriending!

Kaz the Protector of Cats

Now Kaz and Zippy the Cat have this weird relationship. Kaz likes the cat but I don’t think she’s ever been able to come to terms with this weird little black and white thing. The power in their relationship shifts. Outside, the cat is out of her depth but inside the house Kaz doesn’t stand a chance. In fact, she won’t go past the cat if the cat has laid claim to the hallway.

When Delta and I returned home after our hiatus in Auckland, Kaz kept whining and we couldn’t figure out why. We were watching TV with the lights off and didn’t realise that Delta had Zippy cornered. And Kaz was trying to tell us the cat was in trouble. She’s a good cat protector dog. We’ll have to get Kaz another cat when Zippy crosses the rainbow bridge (she is 16 now, so it’s likely to happen sooner than later) though for now the cat is still healthy and feisty so I think we’re good for a few years yet.

Delta the Weirdo

I don’t think this one is as much a self taught quirk as the others, but we taught Delta to help us with the gardening. We just had to point to any weeds and she’d pull them out and shake off the dirt. She helped Mr SolutionK9 remove a whole hedge and she loved pulling off the dead fern fronds. We just had to point to them. If ever she was left inside when there was gardening being done, she was HIGHLY upset.

One of her weirdest quirks was that she would get Kaz to dig a hole, then she’d run behind Kaz and catch the dirt. After a beach trip, she’d be poo’ing sand for three days. But that was her FAVOURITE game.

Oh and I probably should tell you about Delta and the balloons. Delta and I went to stay at my parents’ while attending a seminar. The weekend before they had a party and there were a couple of bunches of balloons. Delta popped the first lot on the lawn. So we gave her the second bunch. She tried to bite at them to pop them, but nothing was happening. So she grabbed the bunch of balloons and ran to the grass so they would pop. Yup, she was a bit of a weirdo like that.

Raven’s Quirks

So Raven has a few quirks of her own. She seems to be quite the problem solver and I really like what I’ve noticed. One day, we obviously missed her subtle hints that she needed the toilet. Where did she go? Not by the door. Oh no! But in front of the toilet. She’s obviously figured that one out!

And in the mornings when I try not to get up, Raven likes to drop not so subtle hints on me, like shoes. Yup! I have to put those on before we can go outside, so she brings them to me in bed. She’s quite an awesome dog!

Dogs And their Quirks

It’s important to remember all dogs are different and a mix of genetics, breeds, learning and problem solving so when it comes to their weird quirks I generally look for a bit of humour – as long as no one or nothing is in danger. Go hug your dog, because, really they are probably far more clever than you give them credit for!

Tell us below! What funny quirks does your dog have! We’d love to hear about your dog and their idiot-syncrasies!

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