Group Classes

Group Classes by SolutionK9

Have you been to group training before? Were you left frustrated because there were so many dogs and people, your dog was not able to concentrate! Did you finish the 10 weeks and still had problems with your dog not listening to you? We’ve been there. We know all about it. So, we’re doing things better!

Yup! Seriously, who needs to devote 10 weeks of your life traipsing to obedience class and still have a dog that isn’t listening after all that effort? Ain’t nobody got time for that! With small classes and an experienced instructor you and your dog will be in good hands! 

A New Way of Thinking

Life is too short for ineffective dog training. Yup. Spending 10 weeks teaching dogs to sit, down, walk on leash come when called or lie on their beds is totally unnecessary. So is spending 6 weeks on only one skill. Yup. We're all about training smarter, not harder! So join the fun and learn to teach your dog in a way that they learn best so that you can have learn all that in only 6 weeks!

Get The Right Training

Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, but what do the results say? While some can train dogs, they often fall short when it comes to showing you how to train your dog! Other trainers subscribe to a one size fits all approach without taking you and your dog into consideration! With small classes training at the SolutionK9 Education Centre is flexible, ethical and effective.

Ivy the Malinois Cross Standing On a Box

Dedicated Training Centre

SolutionK9 is the only has the only dedicated dog Training facility in Taranaki, yup join us at The SolutionK9 Dog Education Centre for specialised classes that you and your dog will LOVE! This means that training can be customised to suit each class to set you and your dog up for success!

Choose Your Ideal Class

For dogs with painted on ears

SolutionK9 Mindful Manners Academy

Looking for a Dog Obedience Class that will actually teach your dog the skills they need to become an obedient dog that you can enjoy?

Small classes in the SolutionK9 Education Centre helps you and your dog learn faster because you and your dog get more individual help and training that works! Join the fun while training smarter (not harder!)!

For Puppies & Nervous Dogs

SolutionK9 Braveheart Academy

For socialising young puppies and resocialising nervous dogs who may not have had the right start in life, this class is for you.

A good foundation based on trust, patience and correct socialisation will help puppies become confident, happy dogs and can help nervous dogs become their happy self once again! Unleash your dog or puppy's true potential!

Not quite Ready To Join Class, yet?

Grab Your Naughty Dog Survival Guide to get your dog started on the right track and restore your sanity at the same time!