The Reactive Dog Rehab Program

Reactivity, aggression and dogs who chase animals we’d rather they didn’t chase, doesn’t have to be a curse or a life sentence. 

Your dog can learn how to cope with strange situations, not resort to biting when they don’t like a situation and learn to curb their predatory instincts

That’s why we’ve put together the Reactive Dog Rehab Program. This program comes with a full 6 months support and an Educator Mini Training Collar!

Contact us if you need this program for your dog! Because good dogs are made, not born!

The Off Leash Life Program

Imagine being able to enjoy your dog’s company off leash. Yes, that’s totally possible, even for your dog!

Imagine being able to take your dog on holiday with you. Or even just the park and having your dog come back the first time, every time! 

Even if your dog runs away at every opportunity. Even if your dog ignores everything you say. Even if your dog stalks every cat in the neighbourhood and you’d never trust them off leash right now. 

Contact us if you need this program for your dog! Because life is just better with an obedient dog!


Online Dog Training

If you’re a DIYer (I’m a bit of a DIYer too, I actually started learning dog training skills online) or you’re on a budget, online dog training is very effective and a great way to learn! 

In fact, all my programs include online training because I can make sure that owners get the information they need. And I don’t leave anything important out. 

We’ve put together The Dog Training Lab for you so that you can learn essential skills online. 

Want to enjoy your life with your dog more? Check out The Dog Training Lab here!

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