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Are you more of a learning-at-your-own-pace kinda person? 

Would you rather plug away till you get it right without feeling like everyone’s watching you? 

Want to learn from SolutionK9 but you’re not in Taranaki?

Welcome to my world! I totally understand that there are some of us who just learn better at our own pace! So, you’ll find some online courses here to help you get your dog on the right track! Because good dogs have more fun!

A New Way of Thinking

Life is too short for ineffective dog training. Yup, learn effective, fun ways to teach your dog the valuable skills they need to learn so that you can enjoy your dog more! Dog training is like a catch-22 without the catch: The more you train, the better your dog gets! So, the more you train!

Get The Right Online Help

Many online courses bore you to death with theory! Other courses have time limits then you have to buy the course again if you haven't completed it!
Not here the lessons are to the point and you get to get straight into training straight away! Our classes are all about helping you make progress and see results!

Training that works

OK, so I'll admit it. I'm lazy. I'm only going to do stuff that work. So you can be sure that what is included in SolutionK9 online courses aren't just there to waste your time! Every skill has a purpose!

Choose Your Ideal Class

How to Train Your Dog

Ruby and her human learning to avoid the 5 common mistakes dog owners make!

How To Train Your Dog
Online Learning

Understanding how to teach your dog a new skill is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things you can do together!

Dog Training is like a catch-22 without the catch: The more you train, the better your dog gets! So the more you want to train!

In this course we're making it easy with cheat sheets, problem solving guides and checklists to help you be successful!

will your dog Come when you call

7 Fun Ways to Teach Your Dog to Come When You Call Online Learning

One of the most important skills that every dog should know is to come when you call. It is so important that it could save your dog's life!

It is also a requirement for all off leash dogs to be "under effective control". What does effective control mean?

Effective control means that your dog will come the first time you call - every time!

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