Do you wish your dog would just listen to you?

Hi, I'm Luzelle the dog trainer!

And I’m here to help you enjoy your life with your dog!

To help you with your dog’s naughty behaviour, I have found one of the best places to start is having you + your dog start with a private lesson here at The SolutionK9 Dog Education Centre with me!

This is where I can see exactly what you’re struggling with as well as teach you + your dog the essential skills you need to become an epic team!

But, you don’t just get a 1-hour private lesson with me, you also get access to the SolutionK9 Manners Academy Resource Kit (Worth $147 ABSOLUTELY FREE)!

What do we cover in your private lesson?

  • How to teach your dog to understand you (trust me, this is very important)
  • How to teach your dog to have self control (another great skill that you’ll love!)
  • How to teach your dog to come when you call!

All that in your first private lesson? Yup!

What are you waiting for? Book your private lesson with Luzelle NOW and start enjoying your life with your dog a whole lot more!

But how much is it? 

With all the extras, the private lesson plus the online resources are worth more than $290! But, you only pay $147! 

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What Some of Our Clients Say!

And you can find out what many more of our happy dog owners have to say on Facebook! With so many happy dog owners, we must be doing something right. But don’t take our word for it! Read more reviews here!

“5⭐ Would highly recommend training with Luzelle (and miss raven) @ solutionk9. 🤩 Training is not "one size fits all" as not all dogs are the same! and that's what I love about training here, she personalises training to yourself and your dog to get the best results possible! Me and my 7month old golden retriever have benefited so much from the lessons we have shared and I feel like we have a much better relationship and understanding of each other! AND 😮 I have now got a teen dog (a very very friendly, excitable teen dog) that can walk nicely on lead (past people, children and dogs - her favourites!) and come back when called! Thank you so much luzelle x”
Kyla + Lula
"Luzelle from Solutionk9 Dog Training has had a huge impact on the lives of me and my dog. When we first came to her he was extremely reactive and we had a disfunctional relationship caused by using different approaches in training which ranged from the ineffective to the down right dangerous. With his reactive behaviour and aggression I could see the road we were going down was not going to be one that he would be coming back up with me so I reached out in desperation. I knew in the first moments of talking to Luzelle that she knew her craft inside and out and the initial phone consultation lifted an immense weight off my shoulders. I started looking at things differently, with an insight into the science behind the behaviours and I could start seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. My advice to anyone is do not wait, as soon as you get your puppy go straight to Luzelle and set it on the right track. Her skillset and experience with everything from training pet dogs to training working dogs for military service is unparalleled in New Zealand. I would not hesitate to reccomend Luzelle to any dog owners."
Jason + Boris
"Lisa Vujcich reviewed SolutionK9 Dog Training Taranaki — 5 star October 11, 2018 · I want to give Luzelle a 10 star review...but it will only let me do 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I couldn't take Taz (lab) out anywhere. He would be going everywhere 100mile an hour towing me behind him. It was just embarrassing and no fun for either of us. With just 5 lessons, he will walk on a loose leash, come when he is called, and so much calmer! It is a pleasure to go walkies now! Luzelle took Taz for a day, without me, and he came back a different dog. It was a turning point for him. Luzelle is one amazing woman, with dogs and people. She has a gift with both species and does an amazing job on getting them to connect. I am absolutely stoked I chose her. We cannot thank you enough Luzelle!"
Lisa + Taz

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