Get the Right Help for You & Your Dog

Private Behaviour Training


Does your dog need a Behaviour Consultation? Dogs that need behaviour training are usually dogs that are showing aggression, leash reactive or doing other naughty things like chasing the cat, marking in the house, chewing inappropriate things. Dogs that are off hunting the second the leash comes off and isn't worried about what you are doing will also most likely require behaviour training.

Need help to get your dog's behaviour back on track?

Obedience Group Classes

Need help with painted on ears syndrome? Obedience Group Classes are ideal for younger pups and dogs that really just don't know how to listen or do stuff like "on your bed", "come", "sit", "down", "stay" or how to walk on a leash without pulling. And even better, SolutionK9's small classes mean that you and your dog can learn everything you need in only four weeks! (because let's face it, who wants to go to training week after week in miserable weather when you could be with your dog and family instead!

Because teaching your dog obedience exercises is skills training, you will find our other skill classes like how to teach your dog to become a trick- or sniffer-dog here too! 


Online Learning at The Training Lab


Do you prefer working at home at your own pace? Online learning options are an ideal low-cost solution for you if you are looking for training help that will actually help you achieve results despite being outside of Taranaki. This solution could also be for you if you are more of an independent learner where you like to work at your own pace and leisure.

All SolutionK9 online classes have plenty of supporting printables like cheat sheets, checklists, workbooks, tracking journals, video demonstrations and more to help you and your dog to become and stay successful!