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Unleash Your Dog's Full Potential!

Because Life is Just Better with an Obedient Dog!

Need Urgent Solutions to Help Your Dog?
Check out these Private and Group Training Solutions!

Behaviour Consultation

Need help with your dog's toilet training, rushing out the door, aggression over food or toys or jumping up on people?

Then a Behaviour Consultation - conveniently held at your home - is what your dog needs. Because Life is Just Better with an Obedient Dog!

Manners Academy

For all those public displays of inappropriate behaviour like pulling on leash, reactivity, not coming when you call...

The Manners Academy was designed just for you and your dog! Because Good Dogs Have More Fun! And so will you if you had a good dog!

Confidence Academy

Is your dog or pup not happy with people, other dogs, funny noises, or strange new things? Would they rather just hide?

Then they need The Confidence Academy to unleash their ture potential, and help them become confident happy dogs! who can take on the world!

Do You Live Outside of Taranaki but still want quality help?
Check out our Online Learning Solutions!

Your Perfect Puppy
8 Weeks + Beyond

Coming soon the A-Z of raising a perfect puppy! We've raised many puppies who have turned out to become fantastic family pets and even some working dogs! So we know the secrets to getting your puppy to become a super dog you can enjoy! Wanna learn what they are? Grab our Naughty Puppy Survival Guide and we'll let you know as soon as this class becomes available!
Coming Soon

How to Train Your Dog

Unfortunately dogs don't come preprogrammed understanding what we want. And we don't come preprogrammed understanding how to train our dogs.

So, this course is all about teaching you in an easy to follow online course so you can understand how to train your dog. You'll learn all the different skills you'll need to train your dog effectively!
For Only $25

7 Fun Ways to Teach Your Dog to Come Back When You Call

A dog who won't come when you call is a nightmare. A pain in the butt. Chasing a dog around when you need to go home is not only infuriating but it'll drive you to insanity! Don't worry, we can save you from the insane asylum and help you get the dog that you deserve! This course will cover some fun training games to help you teach your dog to come when you call!

Grab Your Free Naughty Dog Survival Guide

And Get a Handle on Your Dog's Naughty habits!