In Person Dog Training with Luzelle

Got a naughty dog in Taranaki, I can help! Check out our programs:

The Dream Dog Program

If you want people to comment on how they wish their dog is as well behaved as your dog, then this is the program is for you! Because Life is just Better with a Dream Dog! Your Dream Dog!

The Amazing Dog Program

Wanna enjoy your dog more? Like trading some of those naughty habits for some one’s you’ll actually appreciate (and not be embarrassed by! Because Who Doesn’t Want an Obedient Dog?

The Good Dog Program

This program is designed to transform your dog into a good dog and help you get them behaving on leash in public! Because Good Dogs Have More Fun! 

Right Start Puppy Program

Don’t waste the never to be repeated golden opportunity to transform your puppy into an amazing dog! Because great dogs are made, not born!

Online Dog Training with Luzelle

Got a Naughty Dog and you’re not in Taranaki, NZ? No problem! 
Online Dog Training is one of the fastest growing ways to transform your dog from drab to fab!
And it’s not by accident! Online training is fun, you can review the training steps as many times as you like and you get 3 Zoom Calls with Luzelle to check your progress and help you stay on track with each class!

Teach Your Dog to Listen (to you!)

A dog who ignores you flat is like an exercise in frustration! But never fear when Luzelle is near, because in this class you’ll learn not only how to get your dog to listen to you but they will love doing what you ask! There are plenty of videos, cheat sheets and examples to help you succeed too!

Teach Your Dog to Come (when you call!)

It’s SOOOOOO embarrassing having a dog who won’t come when you call. So, we’ve put together this class to help your dog learn how much fun coming back when called really is – yup, teach your dog to come when you call first time, every time, while exercising their body and mind at the same time! 

Teach Your Dog to Walk (on a loose leash!)

Getting your dog to walk politely on a leash is one of the most important skills, but it’s also one o the most difficult challenges every dog owner faces! This class shows you all the hacks to get your dog from behaving badly to behaving fably on leash! Yup, make the other dog owners drool over your dog’s leash walking skills!

Teach Your Dog Lifeskills (how to be a good dog!)

Door manners, problem barking and settling in public! These are all super important life skills every dog needs to have. So, we’ve created this class to help you have a dog you can be proud of! And it’s easier than you think! Because your dog really wants to do what you want – they just don’t really understand what it is you want! And this class will help you bridge the gap!