Behaviour Modification & Obedience Training

If you are experiencing any of these problems, we can help you!

  • Does your dog act aggressively towards other dogs or people or even toward you?
  • Do you just wish you could walk your dog without your arm being pulled out of its socket?
  • Do you leave your dog at home, because it’s too difficult to manage them out and about?
  • Is your dog destroying your home and your life, are you embarrassed to have visitors over?

We can help you by providing the behaviour modification & obedience training your dog needs to solve their behaviour challenges. Because we know life is just better with an obedient dog! And we want you to enjoy your life with your dog again!

Obedience Training TaranakiObedience Training Taranaki

Amazing Dog Group Workshops at SolutionK9

Obedience Training Taranaki

Got an obedient dog? Live a life less ordinary with your dog! We have some awesome Amazing Dog Workshops, hosted right here at SolutionK9! From training your own amazing head-turning trick dog to getting your dog to find your keys, so you never have to be late again! We’ve got you covered!

Online Learning with SolutionK9

Not in Taranaki? Enjoy learning at your own pace? Not confident working with someone (trust us, we totally get this!)? We don’t want you to miss out! So we’ve got some great online resources and great things in the pipe line! Check it out!