Setting Goals for You and Your Dog in 2019

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This is usually the time that people set themselves new goals, what goals would you like to achieve with your dog in 2019?

Is your dog naughty, but you are struggling to teach them to do things the way you want? Well, you’re in luck because today, I’ll share with you one of the main reasons why you might be failing to teach your dog what you want. I’ll also be sharing some tips about how I keep myself to my goals!

I thought I’d tell you a little about why having a goal with your dog is important. Having a clear goal is important so that you know when you have achieved it and can make sure you maintain it.

What Do You Want?

So for instance, when you say you would like your dog to walk nicely on their lead, what do you mean?

You see, you cannot teach your dog properly if you are not clear on what you would like yourself? Dogs see in pictures, the little things actually matter to many dogs, even if we think it’s irrelevant. And we tend to be very unclear with what we expect. And then we wonder why our dog just doesn’t understand what we want.

Trust me, I see this with almost every team I work with. So let’s look at what you mean:

  • Do you mean that you would like your dog to walk next to you?
  • Do you mean that your dog cannot sniff?
  • Do you mean that your dog can walk in front of you?
  • Do you mean that your dog can pull slightly on the lead?
  • Do you mean that you want a loop in the lead?

Why do you want it?

The reason I teach dogs the way I do all have reasons attached. Because if I don’t have a clear reason for something, I’m not going to do it.

So, it helps if you are clear with what you expect so that you can be clear with your dog about what you would like.

Anyway, seeing as this is usually the time that people set themselves new goals, what goals would you like to achieve with your dog in 2019?

Share your goals with me in the comments below!

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Hi, I'm Luzelle! I help dog owners, just like you, learn how to enjoy your dogs. Because not only will you benefit as your dog's guardian, but your dog will feel happier and more fulfilled as well! The reality is that naughty dogs aren't fun to take anywhere. And I know your dog really wants to be a good dog, they just don't know how! So, stop getting frustrated and embarrassed by your dog's bad behaviour, and give us a call! Because Life is just better with an obedient dog and good dogs have more fun!

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