Ball on a Rope

Got a ball-nut? This toy might just be the ultimate in entertainment, reward and fun for both you and your dog!

The rope is not only great for throwing the ball further distances (leave that ball-chucker at home) it’s also a great safety feature. Some dogs have managed to “swallow” tennis balls whole, which has caused significant problems and has even lead to the death of some dogs. The rope feature enables you to remove the ball from the dog’s throat in the unfortunate event that your dog should swallow the ball.

Lightweight foam construction! This is great because it floats and it doesn’t have the felt cover that a normal tennis ball has that gets so yucky-soggy!

Please note, no toy is indestructible. We do not recommend leaving this toy with your dog for their chewing pleasure. That’s a job best left for actual chew toys. This toy is for active play with you only.


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