Clicker Wistle

Is it a whistle? Is it a clicker?

What? It’s both?!

GENIUS! Now you only have to remember 1 thing!

Why use a whistle? Teaching your dog to come back when you blow a whistle is ideal! Why? Because a whistle is often louder and easier to hear than your voice. Even for your dog!

Why use a clicker? A clicker is a way to tell your dog they did the right thing so you can have time to give them a treat! No matter how good you are as a dog trainer, you cannot reward your dog in under a second (consistently) from the second the millisecond they did the right thing. So a clicker bridges the gap between when your dog did the right thing and getting their reward.

Don’t worry if it all sounds greek right now, if you grab this clicker, you’ll automatically get an online class (don’t worry, it’s not going to be long and drawn out. I like things to get to the point ASAP)! Yup, you’ll learn how to teach your dog to come back when you blow a whistle as well as how to use the little magic sound box called a clicker.

Oh I get so excited about these things!



In stock (can be backordered)

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