Foam Ball

Great toy to reward your dog with and easy to hide it on you so you can surprise your dog at any time with a toy!

I love this toy because it’s a little larger than a tennis ball and of course it has a rope! Because it is a foam ball, it doesn’t have a lot of bounce (this is good, because the bounce can cause the toy to redirect and sudden turns are more likely to result in injuries to your dog).

It comes in easy to see yellow! Yellow and blue are apparently the two colours most easily identified by your dog!

It’s definitely NOT indestructible. If you leave this toy with your dog it will get chewed. This is not recommended as a chew toy because if your dog swallows any part of this toy it might get lodged in their stomach and require surgery to remove. This toy is recommended for supervised play with you ONLY.


Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

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