The SolutionK9
Manners Academy

The Only Manners Academy
of its type in Taranaki

To unleash your dog's REAL potential!

The SolutionK9 Manners Academy is ideal for:

  • Lovable but a-little-bit-naughty dogs
  • Dogs who won't listen, walk nicely on leash or stay when told
  • Dogs who need to learn good manners so you can actually enjoy them again!

Let's Bust Some


(and some dog trainer/behaviourist/guru/whisperer tennis balls while we're at it)


“You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks”


Take it from me and the many older dogs that I’ve helped. Every dog can learn how to be a good dog! You just need to communicate with your dog in a way that will help them understand what you want.

Dogs are different, just like you and I are different. We all like different things, want different things and even dislike different things…

Oh and as for tricks – those are easy, every dog can learn a trick or two or 20 😉


“Your dog will grow out of his/her bad behaviour”


Usually the only thing your dog grows out of is their collar/leash or cool doggy wear. But unfortunetly, bad behaviour isn’t something your dog will grow out of. They tend to get better at those bad habits and not grow out of them, but instead grow into them! The only thing that will help your dog “grow” out of his or her bad habits is good training!


“Your Dog Refuses to Learn Because he’s too Stubborn/Dominant/Stupid!”


Um, again from experience… your dog is not stubborn, there is most likely a communication breakdown which means that your dog is struggling to understand what you would like. I’ve worked with some seriously dominant dogs, and again, they were quite happy to learn and train and follow cues when they understood their owners. So, that one isn’t a valid excuse either. And stupid – um, unless your dog has brain damage, he’s not stupid. 

The truth is, you just need to learn your dog’s lingo, so that you can teach your dog what you want!


“Your dog is doing (insert any bad behaviour here) to get back at you”


Dogs aren’t vindictive by nature. Most dogs actually just want to do more of what feels good and less of what doesn’t. Simple as that. So as far as getting back at you goes, that’s definitely a myth, and seriously busted!

It all comes back to your dog is an individual, you are the thinking party and so it’s your responsibility to train your dog in a way that they will understand as well as setting your dog up for success. But don’t worry, we’ll help you with all of that!


“All dog obedience classes are the same”


Not all dog training classes or dog trainers are created equal. Many instructors of group classes lack a broad understanding of dog behaviour and learning and so, often choosing the wrong class will result in you and your dog making very little progress. 

Just ask us how we know. Or you can read about it a little further down this page under “pick my brain and experience to unleash your dog’s full potential”


“Your dog needs to be neutered before he can be trained!”


Your dog might struggle to concentrate when they’re not neutered, but it doesn’t make them stupid. If that was the case dogs wouldn’t have survived all these years 😉 What makes the difference is your training, management and handling of your dog.

If you can’t prevent your dog from having puppies or creating puppies, then by all means you should neuter your dog. But if your dog is well managed, contained and trained it is not a must.



“You must use food/can’t use food/can’t use consequences/must use steak/must or can’t anything to train your dog”


There are many different ways to train dogs! The only right or wrong way depends on your dog. And a good dog trainer can quickly identify what your dog needs to be successful. Not everything will work with every dog. A good dog trainer can teach you how to listen to your dog so that you can find the best way to help your dog listen to what you want.

Pick My Brain & Experience to Help Your Dog

Unleash Their True Potential!

My name is Luzelle, and I understand what it's like to feel frustrated, overwhealmed and embarrassed by your dog's bad behaviour!​

When I got my first dog, I’d never had a dog before. I started from beyond zero experience.

My first dog was the most embarrassing dog EVER.

I couldn’t take him for a walk – he dragged me everywhere (I still have the scars on my knees and a dicky shoulder from his pulling).
I couldn’t walk past people or dogs – he barked at everyone and everything!
I couldn’t let him off leash – he wouldn’t come back (oh the drama of trying to catch him still makes me wake up in cold sweats).
I couldn’t take him to the beach – he chased the birds and totally tuned out, like I didn’t exist.
He chased every cat in the neighbourhood – including our own! (He even got his head stuck in the fence for doing so)
He stole food, the cat’s and ours!
He humped everyone and everything (including me. In front of EVERYONE)

And that was AFTER I took him to Dog Training!

I started from sub-zero – that’s where you have no clue, no skills, no experience and no help! The dog training classes I went to did nothing to help me with my dog’s bad behaviour. So, I had to learn. 

Then I started helping other people with their dogs and got more dogs, and became addicted to helping people just like you transform their once naughty dogs into amazing dogs! So that people like YOU can actually enjoy your dogs and not feel overwhelmed and out of control like I used to feel!

Is Living With Your Dog More of a Chore and Not Very Enjoyable?

What are you waiting for? Your dog to get naughtier? Get some breathing space and start enjoying your life with your dog NOW!

Give me, Luzelle, a call right now on 0211444368 and tell me about the challenges you are experiencing with your dog.
(If you get my answer phone, please leave a message, I’ll get back to you within 48 hours, I don’t answer my phone while I’m with a client)

The SolutionK9
Manners Academy


Well, Some of Them...

The SolutionK9 Manners Academy is based around teaching you and your dog these core skills:

Important Skills

You can’t teach your dog anything if they’re not focused on you! So the single most important skill you can teach your dog is focus!

Shouting Dog Caricature

Stop Pulling

Loose Leash Walking is one of the most important skills your dog will ever learn, so there will definitely be a lot of emphasis on this skill!

Dog running caricature

Stress Free Stays

A new way to teach stay in a way that totally makes it clear to your dog exactly what you require of them with maximum effect and no stress

Dog playing with ball caricature

Total Recall

There are a number of ways to teach your dog to come when you call and this lesson is all about teaching you the many different games towards a total recall

Dog with Hoola Hoops Caricature

Leave it!

Leave it without the raised voice, the nagging and the panic! A whole new way to teach your dog to leave it, and you’re not even going to say a word!

Door Manners

Having a dog that doesn’t rush out the door is fabulous. But wanna know how to get it without even raising your voice? (we know the secret without being a party pooper) 

Greeting People

Wouldn’t it be nice if your dog could greet people without jumping up on them? Well, let’s iron out the kinks in your dog’s greeting manners.

Sit - Down - Stand

Yeah, I hear ya, your dog will sit at home, in the kitchen while you’re holding a treat – but that’s it. Almost a bit like a game of Cluedo. Teach your dog to sit whenever you ask them! Or stand or lie down, or whatever…

And More! Much More!

Want to Start Enjoying
Your Dog More?

What are you waiting for? Your dog to get naughtier? Get some breathing space and start enjoying your life with your dog NOW!

Give me, Luzelle, a call right now on 0211444368 and tell me about the challenges you are experiencing with your dog.
(If you get my answer phone, please leave a message, I’ll get back to you within 48 hours, I don’t answer my phone while I’m with a client)

Answers to Your Lingering Fears and Doubts

Who is The SolutionK9 Manners Academy for?

Class is suitable for all dogs and puppies who need to learn manners and how you expect them to behave so that you can enjoy your life with your dog more!

This class is ideal for your dog or puppy if they: 

  • are pulling on leash and choking themselves (or hurting your arm).
  • are jumping up on people.
  • are reactive to other dogs.
  • won’t come when you call.
  • won’t leave things when you ask.
  • have no door manners.
  • and much more!

How Do the Classes Work?

You and your dog start with a private lesson and consultation, where we get to know you and show you some of the skills you’ll need for class!

The classes are small, which means that you and your dog will get the help you need! They also have no set format, which means that you and your dog can focus on the things that YOU need to work on! Not stuff you already know! 

It’s fun, and you and your dog will come out with a better bond, and a better understanding of how to work well together 

When are the Classes?

  • Mondays @ 11.00 – 11.45 am 
  • Tuesdays @ 6.30 – 7.15 pm
  • Wednesdays @ 3.30 – 4.15 pm

Classes are 45 minutes long. No class on Public Holidays.

You can attend which ever class suits you INCLUDING Confidence Academy Classes and as many as you like, each week!  

Yup, attend all 6 Academy Classes or just the classes that suits you each week (even different classes if you work changing shifts!)

Confidence Academy Classes are:

  • Mondays @ 9.30 – 10.15 am
  • Tuesdays @ 5.00 – 5.45 pm
  • Wednesdays @ 2.00 – 2.45 pm

Why Should I Join? I'm Kinda Busy Right Now.​

The sooner you help your dog the easier it is to fix and the quicker you can start to enjoy your life with your dog again.

Dealing with problem behaviour takes a lot of time and joy out of your life. And the quicker you can fix that, the easier your life will be.

I swear, you’ll be asking yourself “Why didn’t I do this sooner!” 

Classes are designed to help you and your dog succeed!! So stop procrastinating and get your dog the help they need so that you and your dog can enjoy the freedom you deserve!

Will the Manners Academy Work for My Dog?

Dog training works. Well, the way I train works. I have helped many dogs, just like your dog, become happy, obedient and well mannered dogs. The Manners Academy is a safe place where you and your dog will learn to try new things and have fun.

If your dog has individual needs, I will endeavour to meet these where I can or advise you of a plan to help your dog learn how to become a happy, confident and brave dog! Because I want you and your dog to be successful!

This class is ideal for dogs who struggle to walk on a loose leash, won’t stay or leave it. Dogs who don’t know to go back to their beds or come when they’re called!


It’s important that dogs are vaccinated to help prevent the spread of diseases. But don’t worry, we’re not concerned about annual vaccinations, however, it is VERY important that your dog or puppy has had

  • at least one vaccination at 12 weeks (unless your dog is a black & tan breed (Dobermann, Rotweiller, Huntaway, etc) then please ensure your dog has had a vaccination at 16 weeks. 
  • All adult dogs should have had 1 vaccination at 12 months old or be titre tested to confirm immunity (if your dog has been titre’d no further vaccinations will be necessary) 
Unfortunately we don’t allow puppies under 12 weeks in class, but, come pick up your FREE SolutionK9 Socialisation Kit!

Just send us a photo of your dog’s vaccination book before your private lesson 🙂

Why Choose SolutionK9

  • We have way more 5-Star FB Reviews than any other dog trainer in Taranaki. That means Very Happy Clients!
  • Training is focused on YOU & YOUR DOG as a team, so we work on what you need (so please tell me what your goals are!)
  • The SolutionK9 Academy is only for you if you want to have your dog as an important part of your life. I can’t help you if you want your dog to be a garden ornament.
  • Being part of the SolutionK9 Academy means that you will get invited to exclusive walks and outings so you can practice real world obedience with your dog!
  • I am a patient instructor, I will not yell at you, and I get to the point so you and your dog can make faster progress.
  • I have extensive experience rehabilitating some very naughty and nervous dogs. I’ve even raised a dog who now serves in the Military and rehabbed a dog to be able to become an explosives detection dog (among many other achievements).

What do you get?

We’ve teamed up with Champion Pet Foods so you can get a sample of their food, a generous discount on your first bag as well as some other goodies!

You also get a loyalty card, which gives you every 10th lesson FREE! How cool is that?

But that’s not all! You also get your very own SolutionK9 Socialisation Kit FILLED to the Brim with socialisation ideas, and place to visit with your dog! Yup, you really will feel spoiled here at SolutionK9!

Do You Just Want to Enjoy Your Dog?

What are you waiting for? Your dog to get naughtier? Get some breathing space and start enjoying your life with your dog NOW!

Give me, Luzelle, a call right now on 0211444368 and tell me about the challenges you are experiencing with your dog.
(If you get my answer phone, please leave a message, I’ll get back to you within 48 hours, I don’t answer my phone while I’m with a client)

This is What People have to say about Training with SolutionK9
(and I didn't even have to bribe them)

How The SolutionK9 Manners Academy Can Help Your Dog!


Want your dog to look up to you and hang off your every word?

Well, the SK9 Mindful Manners Academy will teach you how to get your dog to that level!

German Shepherd Puppy hanging out with her human after her lesson at SolutionK9


Not only that but your dog will also be happy about listening to you! 

How? Because you will learn to become the leader your dog needs!


You will learn to be clear and effective when training your dog so that you can show your dog can’t help but learn how to be an obedient dog!

Because Life is Just Better with an Obedient Dog!

Join the 100’s of happy owners who have trained with SolutionK9 and get the help you need to transform your dog into an obedient dog!

Give me, Luzelle, a call right now on 0211444368 and tell me about the challenges you are experiencing with your dog.
(If you get my answer phone, please leave a message, I’ll get back to you within 48 hours, I don’t answer my phone while I’m with a client)