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Welcome to SolutionK9

You’re probably here because you’re struggling with your dog’s behaviour and you don’t know what to do.

I know how frustrating, embarassing and stressful it can be when your dog isn’t behaving the way you see other dogs behave.

That’s why I’m here. I want to help you enjoy your life with your dog like you imagined when you brought your dog home!

I don’t want you to feel like that anymore. Life with an obedient dog is amazing. And you can have that!

How Can I Help?

Firstly, let’s have a chat. 

Tell me about the challenges you’re having with your dog’s behaviour.
(a private lesson at SK9HQ is only $167)

The Manners Academy

Is your dog over excited, jumping up on people, pulling on leash and generally making your life difficult? 

This is the program for you!

Good dogs have more fun. Life is just better with an obedient dog. Good dogs are made not born! so, let’s do this!

This is an 8 week program where we help you and your dog enjoy your lives together a lot more!

Reactive Dog Rehab

Is your dog a bit worried about the world? Barking at people and/or dogs? Would you love to be able to go out together without stressing out about what your dog will bark at next?

This program is for you!

This is a 12 week program where we can help you to help your dog stop stressing about life so both of you can enjoy your lives together more!

What some of our clients have said:

Hey, I'm Luzelle the Dog Trainer

 And when I’m not training dogs, I’m a slave to our 18 year old cat, Zippy. She’s the madam around here.

Nothing makes me happier than helping dog owners who are struggling with their dog’s behaviour. Seeing them become confident and happy and being able to enjoy their dog more is what I live for!

One of the reasons why I work so hard to help dog owners is because once upon a time I had a naughty dog that no one could help me with. He was a naughty Dobermann called Zak and he is the reason why I’m a dog trainer today!

Thanks to the lessons I learned from Zak, Kaz, Delta and many more dogs (and some fantastic trainers around the world) I’ve learned the skills to help you and your dog enjoy your lives together more! Because Good Dogs make Your Life Great!

How to get in touch:

Text or call us on: 021 1444368

Find us at: 1225 Frankley Road, Hurworth, New Plymouth. (500m down the road from Pouakai Zoo)

Or message us on FB Messenger (really, trust me, don’t send me an email, it’ll likely get lost).

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