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Are you getting frustrated and angry with your dog because she isn't doing what you ask?

Does your dog look at you like you're speaking a foreign language when you ask her something?

Do you wish you knew how to train your dog in a way that she will understand?

No need to worry any more, because
you can learn how to train your dog!

About the Course

Learn How To Train Your Dog

Learn how your dog learns in simple, step by step hands on training that is easy to follow! Don't worry, this course doesn't have dog-trainer-mumbo-jumbo it's easy to follow and understand so that you can get on with the important stuff: training your dog to be amazing!

3 Different Methods!

You and your dog are a team, and your team isn't like any other team! You might need a different way of doing things to everyone else! So in How to Train Your Dog, we show you 3 different ways to train your dog so you and your dog can find the one that works for you!

Start Straight Away!

Training is easy to follow and you can start right away! Start training from the very first lesson. Yes, there are plenty of video examples and explanations as well, but this course is designed to get you having fun training your dog from the very first lesson!

Your Dog can learn to Do More than Steal your bras and Shoes!

Your dog wants to be a part of your life. But she doesn’t know how! So your bras are paying with their lace and stitching!

Put an end to the suffering, and give your dog’s life meaning! Learn how to really have fun with your dog and train her at the same time in only 15 minutes a day!

  • Teach your old dog a new trick or two and learn how to have fun and train your dog!
  • Give your dog's brain work to do that's not only useful but also fun and enjoyable for you and your dog!
  • Training is the equivalent of us doing paperwork - way more tiring than exercise. (That's how us dog trainers get to have difficult dogs and stay sane 😉

Instructor spotlight

You really don’t need to feel like you are from Venus and your dog is from Pluto any longer! No, because Luzelle is here to help you and your dog learn how to get on the same planet!

Dog training is like a catch-22 without the catch! The more you train the better your dog gets and the more fun you have so the more you train! But, to get there, you kinda need to know how it all works – and this is why I’ve put together the online class “How To Train Your Dog” 

It’s just so addictive to train your dog and see great results! So unleash your dog’s true potential, because your dog is destined for more than just stealing your lacy bras for a fun (for your dog, but not so much for you) game of keep-away! 

Frequently Asked Questions

This course covers positive, motivational and science-backed training methods using food to help your dog learn what it is you want them to do.

You will learn how to clearly communicate with your dog so that you can have a dog who not only understands what you want but a dog who loves working with you!

You will learn the three most important skills every dog and owner should know in order to teach your dog to do almost anything using motivational and positive training. 

Yup, you will have the skills you need to teach almost anything, from coming when you call to performing with your dog on America’s Got Talent!

By the end of this course, your dog will be able to touch your hand with their nose, spin left and spin right, put their front feet on a box and sit between your legs. Not only that, but you will learn how to train your dog to run through all their tricks in a specific order!

Lifetime access to How To Train Your Dog, this is huge, many online dog training classes only give you 6 weeks to 1 year access. 

How To Train Your Dog FB Group with Monthly training challenges, FB Lives and a place where you can ask questions about the course! Valued at $1,197

Printable Workbook: This printable workbook includes all your cheat sheets plus blank training plans where you can think, plan do and review your training! This is what good dog trainers use to make faster progress and become better trainers! Valued at $49

Not only that, we’ve included Problem Solving Guides to help you succeed and video examples to help you see the training progression. And there’s check lists to help you on your way! And guess what? If you need more info, all you need to message us and we’ll help you out! Valued at $99

30 Day No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee! If you’re not happy with this course, we offer a no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee! And you can keep all the downloads too! We are confident that once you bite the training bug, you’ll be hooked for life!

Your dog is often being naughty because they are bored! So this training will not only work your dog’s brain but also teach you how to train your dog!

And the skills you will learn are the skills that you will need to teach your dog almost anything.

In fact, these are the exact exercises and skills I teach to all my dogs before I teach anything else!

This training has been used to teach almost every kind of animal. From a bird to a sea lion and almost all Zoo animals too! So I know that this training will work for your dog!

Yup, I have even used these skills to train my cats! 

You should be able to get through this course in only 8 weeks. But this really depends on you and your dog. You and your dog might learn at a different pace than me and my dog.

It just depends on how often you and your dog train and how much fun you and your dog have together (learning is always better when you’re having fun!)

No matter what the skill, the exercises in this course are things that every dog can do! And if it takes you a little longer, it doesn’t matter, you and your dog are still learning and having fun together!

This course is for you if you would like to learn to how train your dog and have more fun with your dog. 

This course is for you if you have gone to obedience training but you are still finding it all a bit confusing.

This course is ideal if you would like to learn to do fun stuff with your dog if you and your dog can’t get out as much because of bad weather or an injury.

Who is this course not for?

This course isn’t for you if you don’t like spending time with your dog.

This course is not for you if you are looking for a quick fix. Quick fixes often cause more problems down the track and is not something I recommend.

The DOg Training Lab Dog Training Secrets Tracking Journal

Printable workbook, cheat sheets and problem solving guides


Resources to help you and your dog be Successful!


30 day 100% full Money Back Guarantee!

Don't let me tell you about me,
Here are people, like you, with dogs, like yours, to tell you:

“I feel alot more relaxed now and Lulu is a good dog. I am ENJOYING her, and now my other dog has joined along and wants to be part of the games. Luzelle helps to make training FUN – which is something I have never seen before, and it’s great.”

Annie Prause

Annie & Lulu the German Shepherd having a coffee at The Public Catering Company in New Plymouth

“When we started training with Luzelle, things were different. Training became something Dante looked forward to. Luzelle has been a pleasure to work with, not only is she really nice, understanding and helpful, the dogs love her. And she really cares about helping them learn to have fun and get things right so they are happy, I am happy and well, everyone is happy and having a good time while learning”​

Estelle Low

Estelle and Dante the Staffie in Colour

“Luzelle is amazing, her understanding of what is going on in your dogs mind is incredible. She really knows how to get your dog to work and get the best out of him/her. Isla has come leaps and bounds since working together with Luzelle.”

Tim Bennett

Only $37 buckeroos
for all this!

It’s a course teaching you the skills you need to become your dog’s own personal dog trainer!

For only $197 – that’s a steal!

(And you don’t even need to know all the confusing dog trainer lingo to understand it! Just follow the easy, step-by-step instructions!)

  • Extra resources to help you and your dog be successful! Valued at $148
  • Lifetime Access - you don't need to pay again to go through this course, it is yours!
  • 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee! No questions asked - yes, we believe this training is that good that we are prepared to back it up 100%

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