The SolutionK9 Braveheart Academy

The Only Bravery Class in Taranaki

To unleash your puppy or nervous dog's full potential!

The SolutionK9 Braveheart Academy is ideal for:

  • Socialising puppies
  • Building confidence in nervous dogs
  • Socialising dogs who missed out on socialisation.

Let's Bust Some



“Your dog is nervous because he was abused”


While this is sometimes the case, the most common reason why dogs are nervous is because they never got the socialisation they needed as a puppy or were “unsocialised” by something traumatic that happened.

You see, most of the time dogs get freaked out the first time they see something that they’d never seen before. 

Your nervous dog needs to be properly and carefully re-socialised to unleash their true potential as a great, happy, confident and brave dog!


“You should take your puppy to puppy class for socialisation”


Your puppy should see the world and learn that new things aren’t scary! Puppy class only socialises your puppy to other puppies. Puppy class is not a broad education or a complete socialisation experience for your puppy.

In fact, most of the problem dogs I see have been to puppy class. But because puppy class did not address the needs of the puppy, the puppy and owner are still experiencing problems. This is often because puppy class isn’t a complete socialisation experience or a broad enough education for your puppy. Puppy classes fail puppies and create other problems like dogs who won’t come back when called or even dogs who become over excited around other dogs and pull on leash or even become reactive.

Any Puppy class or puppy social club, where the main focus is on puppies playing together, will not give your puppy the best socialisation experience. These classes are based around a system that is between 30 – 60 years old. This is not an up-to-date way to properly socialise and educate your puppy. To give your puppy the right foundation your puppy needs a class designed around exposing them to as many new experiences as possible!

Your puppy does not have to meet people or dogs to be socialised. Your puppy needs proper exposure to a range of different things!


“If your dog is nervous of dogs or people, he should just meet more dogs and people!”


This one doesn’t usually work out so good! Nervous dogs need to meet dogs and people who will make them feel safe. For a nervous dog, having a dog come over and crowding their space will 9.99 times out of 10 make their nervousness worse.

It’s like, if you’re afraid of spiders and someone throws a spider on you, does that make you less afraid of spiders? Does it help you to trust the person who threw the spider on you? No and no. And no and no and most certainly no! Your dog needs a class to help them feel safe and understood as well as a class that will help you understand what your dog really needs and teach you not only help your dog to become more confident but also how to set your dog up for success so that your dog can feel safe with you. 

Your nervous dog needs to be properly and carefully re-socialised to help them become a confident, happy and brave dog!

Pick My Brain & Experience to Help Your Puppy or Dog

Unleash Their True Potential!

My name is Luzelle, and I understand what it's like to have a nervous dog and to have your puppy unsocialised by bad experiences!

When I got my first puppy, I’d never raised a puppy before. I started from beyond zero experience.

My first puppy was a little ball of fluff, but little did I know that through incorrect socialisation she could become aggressive.

I let my puppy meet some “friendly” dogs, but she was afraid and ran away and got hurt.
I thought that if she just got to hang out with the dogs she’d come right. But no. She became aggressive instead.

I have since raised many puppies, we’ve gone to puppy socialisation classes where I saw owners even kick their puppies because they didn’t know how to deal with their puppies who just wanted to play with the other puppies there. And the instructors were oblivious to the owner’s challenges and couldn’t help them as they struggled.

But, there is a better way to socialise your puppy to become an amazing and happy adult dog! 
In fact, re-socialising 
 your nervous dog needs to be done the same way. 

I started from sub-zero – that’s where you have no clue, no skills, no experience and no help! The dog training classes I went to did nothing to help me with my dog’s bad behaviour. So, I had to learn.

Then I started helping other people with their dogs and got more dogs. These owners started raving about how amazing their dogs had become and how they’d gone to other dog trainers before me with little results. So I became addicted to helping people just like you transform their once naughty or nervous dogs into amazing dogs! So that people like YOU can actually enjoy your dogs and not feel overwhelmed and out of control like I used to feel!


The SolutionK9 Braveheart Academy


Well, Some of Them...

Not only does the class include trust and confidence building exercises as well as practical skills to help socialise your puppy or nervous dog to become the happy, confident and social dog that they can be, it also teaches you the skills you need to correctly continue your puppy or nervous dog’s socialisation and correct education

Your doggo will not learn that you’re just there to stop their fun. No. At SolutionK9 your pooch will learn that you’re the ring leader to the fun and if they want to be part of the fun, they’d better keep up. 

This class is specifically designed to unleash your puppy or nervous dog’s full potential! And lessons are set out to work on what you need to work on! Check out just some of the amazing socialisation, confidentce building and trust building lessons:

Shouting Dog Caricature

Get Focused!

This class is all about showing your dog that focusing on you is a better idea than obsessing about the other scary dogs or people. 

Dog running caricature

Fancy Footwork

Think team building exercises, but actually practical (because you’re working with your amazing dog, rather than some random work mate).

Dog with Hoola Hoops Caricature

Weird & Wonderful

More practical socialisation skills that will actually benefit your puppy or nervous dog  to reduce any chances of future problems creeping in!

Crate Training

Crate training is an essential skill every dog needs to have! Why? Because this is the one thing that will help you solve a multitude of problems.

Toilet Training

Many dogs can have challenges with toilet training and of course, there are some simple tips and tricks that you can use to make toilet training so much easier to deal with!

How To Look After Your Puppy or Dog

Dogs need proper care, so in this lesson, we’ll cover nail trimming, grooming, and teaching your dog to accept being handled, because it’s a good idea for all dogs to learn that handling is just part of life and not torture.

Dog playing with ball caricature

Walking Politely

Every dog should learn to walk politely on leash and all puppies and nervous dogs can learn this skill! However, I should add, my training is based on what your puppy or dog needs, so if they need another week or two before learning this skill, I will tell you!

Poodle Caricature

Meeting People & Dogs

There is definitely an expected etiquette when it comes to meeting other dogs and people, And it’s especially important for nervous dogs to learn this, and puppies, should learn this too.

And MORE! Join class now!

*There is a $75 joining fee which covers your first private lesson at the SolutionK9 Education Centre

Answers to Your Lingering Fears and Doubts

Who is The SolutionK9 Braveheart Academy for?

Class is suitable for all dogs and puppies who need socialisation to build their confidence and social skills to become a happy and brave dog!

When are the Classes?

Mondays @ 4.00 pm

Tuesdays @ 2.30 pm

Thursdays @ 11.00 am

Classes are 45 minutes long. No class on Public Holidays.

Where are Classes Held?

The SolutionK9 Education Centre

1225 Frankley Road, Hurworth, New Plymouth (you can find us on Google Maps!)

Can I just attend the odd class?

No, we don’t have casual classes available unfortunately.

Can I Cancel Any Time?

I have a one button cancellation policy. You can join for as long as your dog needs or you like, and cancel whenever you need to.

If you don’t Love the Braveheart Academy, I insist that you cancel. Even though it will break my heart, it’ll be best for both of us

Going on holiday, you can pause your membership, just keep in mind if you cancel, you will need to pay another joining fee to join class again as your dog will need another private lesson.

Just one more thing, there are limited places in this class, so if you cancel you might have to wait until a spot opens up to attend class again.

How Do I Pay for Class?

It’s easy, you can join class, by subscribing through the links on this page to use your credit or debit card.

It makes life so much easier as it sets up an account for you in our system where I can give you access to special bonuses!

(You get special bonuses when you’ve been a member for 3, 6, 9 months, etc. And these are all designed to help you enjoy your dog more!)

Why Should I Join? I'm Kinda Busy Right Now.

The sooner you help your dog the easier it is to fix and the quicker you can start to enjoy your life with your dog again.

I cannot guarantee that the price for the Braveheart Academy will always be this low, however, I will not raise the price for any current members, once you join, your membership stays at the membership rate you signed up with until you cancel.

How Do the Classes Work?

Join any time! The classes are membership based, so you join class on a month-by-month basis and can attend as many Bravery Academy classes as you like during the month!

There are three Braveheart Academy classes per week. That means that you can come to one or all three Braveheart Academy classes if you prefer! There are no minimum or maximum classes you need to attend!

There are no term contracts, you can attend for as long as your puppy or nervous dog needs help, and cancel any time

Will the Bravery Academy Work for My Dog?

Dog training works. Well, the way I train works. I have helped many puppies and nervous dogs become happy, confident and social dogs. The Braveheart Academy is a safe place where your dog will learn to try new things and have fun.

If your dog has individual needs, I will endeavour to meet these where I can or advise you of a plan to help your dog learn how to become a happy, confident and brave dog!

Why is it priced so high?

You are welcome to try other Puppy classes but I’m confident that you and your pup will learn more and be happier here!

Giving your puppy the right upbringing is the most important thing you can do for your pup and your happiness! Developing a well behaved dog starts in puppy hood and we have extensive experience in raising puppies to become confident, happy dogs! 

You can attend as many classes per week as you and your pupster needs for a flat monthly subscription. There are no minimum, and more classes may be added (depending on popularity and demand of course)! 

This class is way more affordable than our normal 4-week Obedience Class which is priced at $195 for one lesson every week for 4 weeks and 1 private lesson


You can start attending class once your puppy has had at least one vaccination. However, when your pup starts attending class is your decision, Parvo is a nasty disease and we cannot guarantee that our facility is Parvo free because we do have many dogs that come through from all over Taranaki. Parvo can even be carried on people’s shoes.

Please make sure your dog or puppy has received at least one vaccination at 12 weeks (unless your dog is a black & tan breed (Dobermann, Rottweiler, Huntaway, etc) then please ensure your dog has had a vaccination at 16 weeks. 

All adult dogs should have had 1 vaccination at 12 months old or be titre tested to confirm immunity (if your dog has been titre’d, and immunity was confirmed, no further vaccinations will be necessary) 

This is What People have to say about Training with SolutionK9
(and I don't even have to bribe them)

Morgan and Lelia the Huntaway Puppy at the Public Catering Company in New Plymouth

Morgan & Lelia

“So amazing what you’ve done for us, we couldn’t have done it without you!”
Annie & Lulu the German Shepherd having a coffee at The Public Catering Company in New Plymouth

Annie & Lulu

“Wonderful – Luzelle works with each dog based on their own character traits. She gives them choices, rather than attempting to push them into things (good for both owner AND dog) — she has helped me immensely with Lulu, as to give her and me confidence! Luzelle works in a way that I have never seen before! “​

Estelle and Dante the Staffie in Colour

Estelle & Dante

“When we started training with Luzelle, things were different.  The training was different to what we had been told to do before.  Dante was a lot more engaged (focused) with me and getting excited again to train.  Training became something he looked forward to… Luzelle has been a pleasure to work with, not only is she really nice, understanding and helpful, the dogs love her.  And she really cares about helping them and have fun and get things right

Tim & Isla

Luzelle is amazing, her understanding of what is going on in your dogs mind is incredible. She really knows how to get your dog to work and get the best out of him/her. Isla has come leaps and bounds since working together with Luzelle.

Rachel & Libby

“Amazing! Highly Recommend! My dog Libby is now a well-rounded, obedient and happy dog who behaves politely on family outings and loves to learn new tricks and tasks.”

John & Harley

“Before starting training with Solution K9, we were training Harley as best we could, but she still had major issues around fear and aggression that we felt at a loss to control. Now that we have started training with Luzelle we are feeling so much more confident that Harley can be a happier more well rounded and well behaved dog. Harley can get close to other dogs without reacting, and is following all basic commands that we are being taught. So exciting getting results and knowing how happy the dogs are!”

How The SolutionK9 Braveheart Academy Can Help Your Puppy or Nervous Dog!


The only class in the whole of Taranaki (if not the world) that is designed to appropriately socialise your puppy and unleash your nervous dog’s full potential and help your dog to become comfortable around people and dogs they once couldn’t bear to be near!


The SK9 Bravery Academy will not only grow your puppy or nervous dog’s confidence and resilience, but give you the tools to further build on what your pooch has learned in class! The class is designed to teach your pooch to understand that new doesn’t mean scary! 

German Shepherd Puppy hanging out with her human after her lesson at SolutionK9


Creating a dog who is happy to try new things, and thinks it’s fun at the same time! So be prepared to have a lot of fun while playing an active part in your puppy’s socialisation and your nervous dog’s resocialisation! Because you and your dog deserve to be happy!

Take the first steps to unleashing your dog's full potiential!

Attend as many Braveheart Academy classes as you and your dog would like!
For the monthly subscription of only

$99/month! That's less than $9 per class! WOW!

(cancel any time!)

*There is a $75 joining fee which covers your first 1 hour private lesson at the SolutionK9 Education Centre (normally $125 the discounted private lesson is not available separate from the SolutionK9 Academy)