The Secret to Getting Your Dog to be as Obedient as Your Dog Trainer’s Dog

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Trust me when I tell you (as a dog trainer) that you can get your dog to behave as well as your dog trainer's dog. Follow these secrets and you too can have an amazing dog!

It’s really annoying seeing your dog trainer’s perfectly behaved dog week after week, and looking at your dog thinking “will we ever get there?” Trust me when I tell you (as a dog trainer) that you can get there with your dog. Yes, you can get your dog to be as obedient as your dog trainer’s dog.

So, I’m sharing my secrets of how I get my dogs to be so well behaved, so that you can get your dog to behave as well as mine! And it’s certainly not rocket surgery. It is achievable! Yes, even for your dog!


One of the main things you need to master is your communication with your dog. It’s really important to be clear. Have a word for well done, and a word that means don’t do that again. That way your dog will understand clearly where they stand and feel less stressed. This is the cornerstone to communicating what you like them to do and what you don’t want them to do. 

Of course, just having terms for a job well done, or not well done is all good, but in order for your dog to understand you,  it’s important to back up what you’re saying. But how? Well, you follow your words with either a positive consequence, for a job well done. Or a negative consequence when your dog has decided to do something you’d rather not.

Teach Your Dog What You Want

It’s not fair yelling at your dog for something you didn’t teach them. So, it’s your job to teach your dog how to walk on a loose lead, come when you call, go to their bed and stay when you ask them. These are the things that every dog can learn. But how your dog learns is an individual thing. Not all dogs are the same.

If your dog isn’t doing what you’ve asked, you really need to assess if you’ve taught them correctly. Dogs don’t generalise very well, so if you’ve only taught your dog to sit in the kitchen with a treat and no one else around, your dog might not know how to sit if any of that picture changes. So you need to start at the beginning and teach your dog what you want, even when things change.

Back to the points under communication, it’s important to tell your dog when they got it right, or when they didn’t. While here I might not use my words that mean my dog will get a negative consequence, especially during the learning phase, I will ask my dog to try again. 

And of course, don’t forget to reward your dog for doing what you’ve asked. Because that will make your dog want to do that thing more. Because doing that thing pays! And we all love getting paid (even if it is with a treat) for doing something!

Building a Relationship

So, what is part of a relationship? Leadership, trust, responsibility and knowing your dog very well. Your dog knows you. They are watching you all day, every day. Your dog knows when you are happy, stressed, upset, frustrated and angry. Do you know your dog that well? Do you know what makes your dog happy, stressed, upset, frustrated or angry? 

What is leadership? Leadership is a quality we admire in people who display it well. And your dog does very well, when you learn to be a fair leader. So it’s a very important quality to work on. You cannot be a good leader if you let feelings of stress, anger and frustration overshadow your dealings with your dog. So get help if you need it.

How do you build trust with your dog? How would you build trust with a human? By sticking by your word. Being fair. Not lashing out in anger. Being predictable. Clearly communicating. Educating. Being there when your dog needs you. Advocating for your dog and protecting your dog from situations that they can’t deal with. 

Any Other Secrets to Getting Your Dog to Behave as well as Your Dog Trainer’s Dog?

Yup, in essence, these are all the things I do with my dogs. But, the catch is that many of these things does take time and skill to learn and develop. But don’t worry. If you’re struggling, here at SolutionK9 we’ll teach you how to get your dog to behave as well as our dogs! We teach you how to communicate with your dog. We teach you how to teach your dog what you want. We also teach you how to be an effective leader to your dog. 

Why? Because my goal is to keep dogs out of rescues and out of trouble. My goal is to help you enjoy your dog just as much as I enjoy my dogs. So give us a call, and we can help you get your dog on the right track, by showing you how to put these secrets in place!

Because Life is Just Better with an Obedient Dog!

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Hi, I'm Luzelle! I help dog owners, just like you, learn how to enjoy your dogs. Because not only will you benefit as your dog's guardian, but your dog will feel happier and more fulfilled as well! The reality is that naughty dogs aren't fun to take anywhere. And I know your dog really wants to be a good dog, they just don't know how! So, stop getting frustrated and embarrassed by your dog's bad behaviour, and give us a call! Because Life is just better with an obedient dog and good dogs have more fun!

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