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What’s Your Dog’s Why?

What if I told you this one thing can change your life and the life of your dog for the better, forever! Get to know your dog's why and achieve what you thought was impossible!

Have you ever wondered “what’s my dog’s why?” Most likely you haven’t. I mean you’re more likely to ask: “why does my dog bark at people?” Not actually more important questions like: “why did my dog choose to bark at that person? What was it about them that made my dog bark? What kind of bark is it? Threatening? Scared? Territorial? Playful?”


Drilling down is the first step in discovering your dog’s why. And Google can’t answer you, because Google doesn’t know your dog. But, let’s look at why knowing your dog’s why is so important!


Why is Your Dog’s Why Important?


OK, so let’s imagine that you would like to compete with your dog in Obedience. But your dog is nervous of the other dogs at training, and can’t concentrate on the task at hand. All you see is that your dog is constantly sniffing. But your dog is not sniffing the grass because the grass is interesting. Knowing your dog’s why means that you’ll realise that your dog is sniffing because she is nervous. That other dogs make her feel so stressed that she cannot cope.


If you continue to put your dog in that situation you will make the situation worse. Your dog will continue to feel stressed. And your progress will be non existent. If you don’t change what you’re doing you will end up giving up. Unless you start working with your dog your dog will likely become aggressive. I had exactly this situation with my German Shepherd, Kaz. So I had to adjust the way I trained her according to her why. To suit her. Once I did that she made rapid progress and started to shine.


Your dog may have everything it takes to be the next obedience champion. If only you would recognise her why and adjust your training to suit your dog. Not understanding a dog’s why is the number 1 reason many teams fail in competition. Dogs fail as working dogs or why dogs are left in the back yard and don’t get to enjoy their life with their humans. Getting to know my dog’s why changed my dogs life, and my life, for the better. And we’ve been able to achieve far more than I ever imagined!


The Power of Understanding Your Dog’s Why


The possibilities of what you can achieve is endless. Because you will be a team. One that works together. Rather than (what you usually see) the owner with a goal, regardless of how the dog feels.  Learning to work with your dog has immense power. Your dog will feel understood, and will try harder for you. You will see better behaviour from your dog! This will mean that both you and your dog will enjoy your lives more, together! Win-win!


But it requires you to “listen” to your dog. It is true, your dog can’t speak to you. But, you can pay attention to their facial expressions. When does your dog sigh? How does your dog carry their tail when they’re happy? When they’re unsure? When they’re scared? What makes your dog get up in the morning? Not every dog that carries their tail between their legs is scared. 

Your Dog isn’t Stupid


For example, I struggled to teach Delta new skills. I knew she wasn’t stupid, but she didn’t seem to be the smartest cookie in the box. Until one day, I discovered almost by accident how to teach her new skills. She wasn’t stupid after all! She had a different learning style to Kaz! 


You see, you’re not the only person in the team. You can’t have a team if you’re not working together. And, as the thinking party (I know, I say this a lot), you’re the one who can change. And yes, you will need to change with every dog. Just like no two people are the same, no two dogs are the same.


So Why Know Your Dog’s Why?


Dogs have reasons for doing, or not doing things.  They have likes and dislikes, some of which make no sense to us what-so-ever!  But that doesn’t matter. To have an effective partnership with your dog, you should think “What’s My Dog’s Why?” Thinking about how to best help your partner requires you to have an inside knowledge of your best mate.  Your dog is watching you and knows you better than you know yourself.


Without knowing the “why” you might make your dog’s behaviour problems worse or you may even make them afraid of you.  They may not even understand what you want!  Of course, you want your dog to want to work with you, and not against you. But you’re your dog’s coach, motivator and educator. It’s up to you to help your dog. It’s not up to your dog to help you.


How can you understand your dog better? Check out The Dog Training to help you get to know your best friend a lot better!


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