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Who are the Dyslexic Dog Trainers?

When you find an awesome mate who understands you on a deeper level, you team up, right? Right! I present to you The Dyslexic Dog Trainers!


Do you have a disability?

Do you feel that your disability is a blessing or a curse?

How has your disability helped you in life? Or hindered you from doing what you’ve really wanted to do?

You don’t need to have dyslexia. And by the way, what a cruel joke, using a word as complicated to spell as Dyslexia to describe a group of people with a learning disability.

In this blog, I’ll share with you the interview between myself, Luzelle Cockburn, AKA D2, AKA team Raven, AKA SolutionK9… I think you get the point…

And Danielle Irving, AKA D1, AKA team G, AKA All K9 Country Retreat… LOL… I had to!

Enjoy the interview, and we’ll definitely appreciate comments, questions and channel follows if you feel that way inclined.

We’re going for world domination here – and we need your help to achieve it!

OK, jokes aside, here you go! Enjoy:




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