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Zakkie’s Story Part 2 (a Dog Trainer’s First Dog)

So after Zakkie’s obedience career’s spectacular fail, I thought we would give Agility a go! Dogs love agility… right?! Surely Zak will love it too and be like the dogs you see on the internet… If you missed Part 1, you can read it here!

Zakkie’s Agility Career

So off we went to our first Agility class. In hindsight, I don’t know why I took Zakkie to group training. Because he couldn’t concentrate, he wouldn’t come when I called and I had no control over him. But at that time, I didn’t know any better and I thought that group class was the best place to learn. It was not. But I didn’t learn that till later.

Anyway… I digress… First up, leading your dog over the jump. Now I took a look at the height of the jump and then at Zak and figured he’d have a better shot at clearing the jump if I gave him a run up… bad call!

I gave him a good run up, he cleared the jump and tried to keep running… and pulled me over. But if only that was the worst of it. He then came round and humped me.

So. OK, give it another go… I gave him another run up… this time more determined… I knew my husband had a guts ache from laughing at our first attempt. But I wasn’t ready to admit defeat. Not just yet…. and I struggled dealing with embarrassment as it was. Anyway, ready, set, let’s go! And “Wham Bam, thank you m’am!” Yeah… the third time I lead him over at a walk! No more run ups for Zakkie… Next up was the tunnel…

We opted to allow the instructor to hold Zakkie at the tunnel entrance and I went to the other side and would call him. It kinda went better in theory… because Zakkie humped the instructor as well. We did make the 6 week course… but not once was Zakkie allowed off leash. Man, if only I could start with Zakkie now… but that was the end of Zakkie’s agility career…

Fun Times with Zak

Our favourite place to take Zak was mountain biking at Woodhill forrest. That was fun. I can’t say that I enjoyed the mountain biking as much, but Zakkie made it worth it.

The beach was more interesting. Every time, we thought it would be a great idea to to let him off leash. And every time we regretted it! Zakkie would then continue to chase the seagulls.

Zakkie was the dog who made me fall in love with dogs. And I haven’t been without a dog since. And I doubt my life would be complete without dogs again! I do wish I could start again with rescue Zak. But I can’t. If I knew then what I know now we would have so many more happy memories with that amazing boy!


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